Winter in Mallorca

winter in majorca
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Mallorca is undoubtedly the ideal place to spend a vacation with family or friends. There are beautiful olive groves all over the island, and you can feel the atmosphere of joy and fun all around. There is a wonderful smell of oranges in the air, which is sure to tempt many a wanderer. So much for the perks of the picturesque “Pearl…”, it’s time to address issues related to the weather in this part of Europe.

Hotels with heated pools in Mallorca

Hot Mallorca has countless pools with relaxing, cool water to offer tourists. The good news is that some resorts also have seasonally heated pools – for the real warmth lovers.

Here are these types of hotels in Mallorca:

– Hotel Zafiro Palace Palmanova & Spa located in Palma Nova.

– Hotel Voranova located in a quiet area.

– Hotel Grupotel Playa de Palma Suites & Spa (location: near the beach of Bah├şa de Palma).

– VIVA Blue & Spa apartment hotel (location: in the northern part of Mallorca).

– Hotel Pinero Tal (location: in the center of the resort of El Arenal).

– Hotel Ilusion Markus Park & Spa (location: by the center of Can Picafort).

Note: the pools located in the above hotels are heated during the autumn and winter season.

zima na Majorce

Where is the warmest in winter in Mallorca?

You will find the most sunshine in the southeastern part of the island, which additionally has a calm, at times idyllic atmosphere. There are no crowds of tourists and hundreds of clubs, but there are intimate hotels and charming beaches. One such place is the small town of Porto Cristo, where you can find a substitute for paradise on Earth. Picturesque coves, crystal clear water, cliffs and dragon caves encourage you to “sink” into the true beauty of nature … But the attractions do not end there, because the next stop is the beach and resort of Cala Llombards, where you will fall madly in love.

Note: check how much is the tourist tax in Mallorca.

winter on majorca

December in

The end of the year in this part of Mallorca looks quite inviting. 15┬║ Celsius may not be the height of dreams, but it’s the perfect excuse to do a little sightseeing and make New Year’s plans.

January in Cala Llombards

The first month of the year usually brings air temperatures of several degrees. During the day we can expect around 13┬║ Celsius, which will allow us to go hiking or cycling.

February in Cala Llombards

With February comes a significant warming, providing an even more relaxed vacation. We will see about 15┬║ Celsius on the thermometers and feel spring approaching fast.

Let’s also check out the air temperatures in the capital and the largest city of the Balearic Islands.

December in Palma de Mallorca

In December, Palma encourages outdoor activities and ushers in a festive atmosphere. Outside, high – for this time of year – air temperatures prevail, which encourage walking together. During the day you can count on up to 18┬║ Celsius.

palma de mallorca weather in december

January in Palma de Mallorca

The beginning of the year usually brings air temperatures of several degrees. The thermometer poles will indicate from 12 to 17┬║ Celsius, so you can boldly go for a hike. However, you should not forget warmer clothes, which will be a support during cool evenings.

weather in palma de mallorca in january

February in Palma de Mallorca

February in Palma is a guarantee of a pleasant vacation without crowds of tourists behind. Average daily air temperatures at this time are 12 – 16┬║ Celsius, so you will not get too hot.

weather in palma de mallorca in february

What resort to choose for winter in Mallorca?

Do you prefer a quiet rest focused on lounging and enjoying your vacation? Be sure to opt for the Cala Llombards resort, where the crowd of tourists will not disturb your peace. Are you unable to sit in one place? A perfect solution, then, would be the resort of Magaluf, which is the party capital of Mallorca. But coming back to Cala Llombards, it is worth adding that the beach there is considered one of the most beautiful in Mallorca.

A good idea for a winter vacation would also be the lively Palma de Mallorca, which has no shortage of attractions and interesting places to visit. The mild aura and a large dose of sunshine will allow you to enjoy the charms of the Mallorcan capital.

Bathing in the sea in winter in Mallorca

Winter Mallorca does not encourage you to take sea baths. The water is relatively cold – it is only 13┬║ Celsius, so indulge in water frenzy. However, you can, if you are not afraid of the cold, dip your feet in the sea to feel a surge of new energy.

Should you fly to Majorca in winter?

The answer is one: YES! However, it is worth throwing a few warmer clothes in your suitcase, which will make your stay of several days much more pleasant.

Is it hot in Mallorca in the winter?

It is warm, but not hot. There is a high risk of rain.

Do hotels in Mallorca have heated pools?

Yes, they also have indoor pools.
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