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Winter in Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria is one of the favourite holiday destinations. In this extraordinary corner of the world, you will find everything you need for complete holiday happiness. There are beaches – very picturesque and inviting to lie on, there are monuments – often precious and breathtaking, and there is weather that does not disappoint. So let’s find out what the temperatures are like on the island and whether it’s worth going there in winter.

Hotels with heated swimming pools in Gran Canaria

The water in pools in winter is cold – unless they are heated. In Gran Canaria, all good and mid-range hotels have at least one heated pool. Then the water is around 25 degrees Celsius. Without heating – below 20 degrees.

Here are examples of hotels that provide heated pools. There are plenty of them all over the island.

  • Hotel Club Green Oasis Maspalomas
  • Hotel Abora Interclub Atlantic by Lopesan Hotels
  • Hotel Maspalomas Resort by Dunas recommended for families with children
  • Hotel Lopesan Baobab Resort inspired by Africa
  • Hotel Suites & Villas by Dunas

Prices in Gran Canaria are low. You can find good hotel at a low price.

Where is it warmest in winter in Gran Canaria?

The temperature in Gran Canaria is stable throughout the year and does not experience significant spikes. The south of the island, such as Maspalomas, provides the most heat. As an interesting aside, in Maspalomas you can enjoy spectacular dunes rising up to 15 metres.

Dunes in Maspalomas

December in Maspalomas

December in Maspalomas is very different from the rest of Europe. Of course, you won’t encounter 30-degree heat here, but 19º Celsius is the perfect excuse to explore the area a little. Expect temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. In December 2022, the temperature even exceeded 25 degrees.

January in Maspalomas

January and February are the coldest in Gran Canaria. In January 2023, the temperature drops below 20 degrees. Nights are also very cold then. You need to have warm things with you then – not only for evenings and mornings, but also when it is windy or the sun is out.

February in Maspalomas

February is a month blessed with temperatures of several degrees. Tourists can expect around 18º Celsius during the day and 17º Celsius at night. The air humidity is usually 72% and the water temperature is 18º Celsius. So you can confidently go on a long trip. There should be no shortage of days when it will be over 20 degrees.

Which resort to choose for winter in Gran Canaria?

If you want high temperatures, the Maspalomas resort in the south of Gran Canaria is your best bet. As Maspalomas is not the only place of interest on the island, it is worth reaching for more. Number two on the list of enchanting places to visit is Puerto de Mogán, a picturesque fishing village located on the south-west coast. Puerto de Mogán boasts the presence of sunny days alone and attracts tourists with its narrow, atmospheric streets. There is a very nice sandy beach.

Puerto de mogan

Please note that the intimate Playa de Taurito and the hot resort of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria are also available to visitors.

Winter swimming in the ocean in Gran Canaria – can you swim in Gran Canaria in december, january or february? 

18 – that’s how many degrees Celsius we can expect in winter. The water – although not as warm as soup – always finds its followers. However, it is not a temperature for fans of warmer water.

Should you fly to Gran Canaria in winter?

It is definitely worth it. It is one of the cheapest destinations to forget about winter in Europe. The many places to visit in Gran Canaria make a difference. However, remember to wear warm clothing. In the centre of the island, in the mountains, the temperature even drops below 10 degrees Celsius. In the south, it should be around 20 degrees all the time.


Does it snow in Gran Canaria in winter?

Yes, but only in the mountains.

Is it very windy in Gran Canaria in winter?

Depends on the day. Sometimes it's very windy and sometimes it's not windy at all.

Is the ocean warm in winter?

Water is below 20 degrees Celsius
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