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What to pack for a holiday to Gran Canaria? What to take? What kind of clothes

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Gran Canaria is an extremely popular holiday destination among tourists. The great advantages of the Canary Islands are not only the beautiful beaches, UNESCO monuments and magnificent landscapes, but also the very pleasant weather, because in Gran Canaria you can rest all year round, although depending on the season, conditions may vary slightly. So it is worth preparing your luggage accordingly.

What currency should I take to Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria, like the entire Canary Islands archipelago, is a territory that administratively belongs to Spain, although it is much closer to the African coast than to Europe. And, as in Spain, the prevailing currency on the island is the euro. Payments in other currencies are rarely possible – the vast majority of hotels, restaurants, service outlets and tourist attractions accept only euros.

Already on the spot there may be a problem with exchanging Polish zloty for euro, so it is better to buy the EU currency before you leave – it will also come out cheaper than at the airport. In many places you can pay by card, so it’s worth getting a multi-currency card, but it’s still good to have at least some cash on you, e.g. for tips for the staff. Unlike in the Spanish Balearic Islands, there is no tourist tax in Gran Canaria, so this expense does not have to be included in the vacation budget. The EHIC card is accepted, but it still pays to buy additional travel insurance.

What to bring to Gran Canaria?

Prices in Gran Canaria are similar to those in mainland Spain, but in the resorts typically tourist products can be a bit more expensive – in other words, things like sun cream are better to take with you.On the other hand, however, you can forgo taking bath towels – they take up a lot of space in your suitcase, and cost approx. 3-6 euros, and many hotels in Gran Canaria rent them to their guests at very low rates or provide them completely free of charge. If you plan to fly with an infant or small child, there is no point in taking large and heavy accessories on board – many hotels offer cribs, special feeding chairs, baby carriers.

The key when vacationing in the Canary Islands is to protect yourself from the sun, and not only during the peak season, but all year round.You should take sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, plus after-sun lotion, beach hats, scarves or caps to protect your head, water shoes, flip-flops and sunglasses.In Gran Canaria there are standard electrical outlets, so you can easily charge your phone or camera at the hotel, and it is not necessary to take a special travel adapter with you.A sturdy, lockable bag is useful for money, documents and other small items – theft is not common, but it does happen.In addition, it is worth taking medicines taken on a regular basis (there may be a problem with the prescription), painkillers, medicines for stomach ailments, a first aid package, eye drops.Tourists planning an active vacation can take diving accessories with them, while larger equipment, such as bicycles and surfboards, will be more convenient to rent locally – but it is worth checking before departure whether such rentals operate in your vacation destination.

Visiting Gran Canaria on your own, you can choose between buses and renting a private car – in the latter case, it is essential to bring your driver’s license.

What clothes to pack for Gran Canaria?

It’s warm practically all year round in Gran Canaria, with temperatures rarely dropping below 15 degrees Celsius.In summer it is even hot, so most tourists spend this time on the beach or in the hotel pools, while in winter it is advisable to prepare for a little more rain than in other months.

Certainly in your luggage you must not lack clothes typical of the beach.However, in Gran Canaria or Tenerife you can not only sunbathe on the beach, but also visit local attractions, and from this angle you should also consider what to take on your vacation.

What clothes to pack for Gran Canaria for summer?

Summer is the warmest season in Gran Canaria. Air temperatures reach as high as 40 degrees, and the water in the sea is around 23 degrees.The rains basically don’t happen during this time, so you can dispense with the rain jacket and instead take only a light sweater or thin jacket for evening outings.Very useful will be beach dresses, short shorts, T-shirts, T-shirts, flip-flops, plus, of course, swimwear (preferably two sets to alternate) and a pareo.Also suitable for children will be thin, airy summer clothes.For evening outings something more elegant will come in handy: going out pants, a stylish dress, sandals with heels, a silk top, a linen suit, a shirt with a collar, fashionable slippers.

What clothes to pack in Gran Canaria for autumn?

In autumn, it continues to be warm and conditions are perfect for exploring the island and for physical activity.More people choose to go trekking or hiking and biking at this time of year, so it’s a good idea to pack comfortable shoes and sports clothes for your trip to Gran Canaria. If you plan to go out to elegant establishments, formal clothes will come in handy.In October and November, rainy and cloudy days can happen, and the best protection against precipitation will be a waterproof foil coat, which takes up very little space in your suitcase when folded.

What clothes to pack for Gran Canaria in winter?

Many people who wonder when to go to Gran Canaria consider the winter season, because in Poland then it is cold, dark and just not very pleasant, while winter in Gran Canaria is already much milder and sunnier.The average temperature during this period is about 20 degrees Celsius.It’s warmer in the south of the island, so you can choose to relax in Maspalomas, for example, close to Playa de las Meloneras and the famous sand dunes.

Gran Canaria is not particularly rainy, but it is in winter that precipitation is the highest, so it is worth taking a hooded jacket, which, by the way, will also protect you from the wind. It’s not possible to swim in the sea everywhere, but hotels with heated pools in Gran Canaria will provide a nice rest, which means as much as possible at least one bathing suit is useful, while for walks on the beach it’s good to take a light bedspread or pashmina, long and airy pants or a long dress made of slightly thicker fabric. Winter luggage should simply be a bit more varied – for summer clothes you need to add a few warmer long-sleeved blouses, a tracksuit or comfortable cargo pants, jeans, full boots, a cardigan, a hat, a thin scarf are also sure to come in handy.

What clothes to pack for Gran Canaria in the spring?

Late spring is the best time to see Gran Canaria and visit Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the mountainous part of the island or the Dunas de Maspalomas, because it’s already warm, but still without the greatest heat, and it rains for one, top two days. Spring closet to the Canary Islands is very similar to that of autumn – summer clothes prevail, but you should also take long pants and long-sleeved blouses, full boots, a scarf or a bedspread to protect you from the wind. When leaving in March or April, you can take a casual jacket with light warming, but in May a fleece, sweatshirt or cardigan will suffice.

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