What can you do in Dubai? With children? When it rains?

Skydive Dubai
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Dubai is a remarkable place on the tourist map. It offers its visitors a multitude of attractions, so it’s no wonder that it has been one of the most visited destinations in the world for several years. In its offer Dubai has entertainment suitable for everyone: singles, couples, larger groups, families with children. Why is it worth coming here?

Dubai Marina

Dubai’s modern marina bears little resemblance to the port of a few decades ago. It is very modern and bustles with life until late at night. Some of the most famous buildings in Dubai rise here, and the wide, nicely maintained promenade invites you to take long walks.

Dubai Marina

A trip to the desert

Being in the city, you can quite quickly forget about the desert location, but just go outside the suburbs and you can immediately feel the desert atmosphere. Trips to the desert are very popular – you can go on a traditional-style safari or extreme quad bike tours, and the high sand dunes encourage sandboarding. Meals in the desert are prepared for tourists, and for a romantic date it is worth going in the evening, so that dinner can be had during sunset or under the endless starry sky.

Flying in a balloon

A balloon tour over the desert is one of Dubai’s biggest attractions.The balloons are privately rented, so apart from us, there is only a pilot in the basket, who steers the balloon and takes care of the falcons, because it is these animals that accompany tourists on their sky tour.During the flight you can see the vast expanse of the desert and the animals that roam it.

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Burj Al Arab

The famous sail-shaped hotel is one of the most recognizable symbols of Dubai.It stands along the coast and is part of the larger Jumeirah Beach Resort complex.It ranks among the most luxurious hotels in the world. Part of the hotel is open to the public – a tour of the interior of the Burj Al Arab takes 90 minutes.

Burj Al Arab

Museum of the Future

The museum immediately draws attention to itself with its striking form.It is located on Sheikh Zayed Road. The museum aims to show how societies can develop in the near future using science and new technologies. There are many interactive exhibits in the museum, which will make the facility interesting for children as well.

Museum of the Future

Alserkal Avenue

W dawnej dzielnicy przemysłowej działa obecnie centrum artystyczne, z galeriami, studiami tańca i kameralnymi kafejkami. Warto odwiedzić to miejsce o każdej porze roku, a szczególnie klimatycznie jest tu wieczorami.

La Perle

This is Dubai’s first permanent cultural and entertainment event. During the performance, the audience can enjoy acrobatic displays, water jumps and aerial stunts, and the whole thing lasts 90 minutes. A 1,300-seat auditorium was built especially for the event, and performances are held daily.

Kite Beach

This is a large, wide, sandy beach, of which there is no shortage in Dubai. True to its name, its main pastime is kite surfing, but you can also play volleyball, jog or just sunbathe here. What to bring to Dubai if you want to beach in Dubai? On the beach, you are allowed to wear a standard swimsuit, but it is good that it is not too skimpy, and it is still worth having some kind of bedspread to cover your body.

Skydive Dubai

Skydiving, during which you fall at a speed of almost 200 km/h, is another entertainment for people with strong nerves. Lack of experience is no obstacle here, as you can take the jump together with an instructor. During the intense flight, you can see the entire city, The Palm and the bay from above.

Skydive Dubai

XLine Dubai Marina

A similarly thrilling entertainment is a downward flight on slanted ropes.The participant is strapped down so that he lies belly down, so that during the ride you can see exactly the streets of Dubai.The descent begins from a height of 170 meters, at the Jumeirah Beach Residence, and the speed achieved during the ride is about 80 km/h. Landing takes place at the marina. The XLine descent can be arranged in tandem.

Global Village

Global Village is an entertainment complex dedicated to the culture of the entire globe.The facility stands on the outskirts of Dubai and is open to the public from late October to about mid-April. Visitors can enjoy a variety of attractions: concerts, carousels, art shows and fireworks displays.

Global Village

Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah is a resort complex styled after an ancient citadel. The reconstructed town is occupied by luxury hotels and private clubs. The whole complex provides all the modern conveniences, but you can still feel the atmosphere of traditional Arabian buildings. No matter how long your flight to Dubai is, upon arrival, it is worth coming here for a relaxing treatment.

Jumeirah Mosque

Monuments in Dubai are very often associated with the Muslim religion, and the Jumeirah Mosque is a prime example.This is the only mosque in Dubai that is also open to non-Muslims, so it’s all the more worth a look inside – tourists can visit Jumeirah Mosque all week except Fridays.The mosque is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire United Arab Emirates – it has been entirely finished in white sandstone in a medieval style.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is a huge frame measuring about 150 x 95 meters. It stands in Zabeel Park and serves mainly as an observatory, as you can see both the old part of Dubai in the north and the new neighborhoods in the south from here. The observatory’s routes are partially finished with transparent glass, so you can also enjoy the view from below.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Water Canal

The modern canal stretches for more than 3 kilometers from the bay at Dubai’s Old City to the Persian Gulf, passing Business Bay along the way. Along the canal, an extensive public space with bike paths and various amenities has been arranged, attracting many tourists and locals. The most recognizable symbol of the canal is the bridge that connects the two banks.

City Walk

The City Walk district is a pleasant place to walk, as there is almost no traffic here.Stores and restaurants line the wide streets, and the whole area was designed by the most famous architects from around the world.Concerts, performances and sports events are often held here.

The Green Planet

Whoever dreams of a trip through the rainforest should definitely take a look at the Green Planet.This oasis of greenery is home to more than 3,000 species of animals and plants.The tour should be combined with educational activities, during which participants learn about the important role of tropical forests for the future of the planet. Just viewing the exotic flora and fauna is quite a bit of entertainment, but the Green Planet still offers swimming with piranhas, nighttime animal peeping, tropical storms, and relaxing with sloths, among other things.

Miracle Garden

Another natural curiosity, this time outdoors, is the Dubai Miracle Garden, the world’s largest natural garden at 72,000 square meters.Within the park rise replicas of famous buildings and huge animal sculptures made of flowers and greenery.

Dubai Butterfly Garden

When visiting Miracle Garden, be sure to take a look at the nearby butterfly garden. This park is home to more than 15,000 species of butterflies and also some floral displays are arranged in the shape of these beautiful insects.

Al Fahidi district

Al Fahidi is an old district of Dubai, from before 1971, when Dubai began to change into a modern metropolis. The entire district is full of traditional buildings made of stone and palm wood. You can enjoy the quieter atmosphere and slower lifestyle here, and the shady, atmospheric streets are great for strolling.

Cruise on a traditional abra boat on Dubai Creek

The Abra is a traditional wooden boat commonly used as a cheap, fast means of getting around Dubai. Cruises start on either side of Dubai Creek, in either Deira or Bur Dubai. A total of 20 people can fit on one boat. Residents of the emirate so far use the abra for daily travel, allowing them to avoid traffic jams on the roads. It’s a good way to discover old Dubai and learn about the lives of ordinary residents.

Palm Jumeirah

One of Dubai’s flagship construction projects was the Palm Jumeirah artificial island.It owes its name to its form – looking at the island from above, you can see the shape of a palm tree.The island is home to Dubai’s most luxurious resorts, and at the end of the Palm sits The Pointe complex, with its numerous dining establishments, bars and entertainment clubs. It is here that prices in Dubai rank among the highest, but in return you can count on the best service. Alcohol in Dubai is not available everywhere due to the fact that Muslims are not allowed to drink it, but you can legally order drinks in selected hotel bars.

Palm Jumeirah

Al Seef

In the past, Al Seef was a pearl fishing center. Today it’s an open-air museum, with historic buildings stretching along the shores of Dubai Creek.

Ski Dubai

Dubai lies in the desert and is famous for its extremely high temperatures, yet there is a ski slope operating here. Quite unusual, as it is entirely hidden under a high roof that protects the snow from melting. There is a lift to the top of the slope, and the slope is gentle enough for children to come here together.

Etihad Museum

You can learn about the history and culture of all seven emirates at the Etihad Museum.It is not a large facility, but it boasts interesting exhibitions and remarkable architecture.

Al Marmoom Camel Race Track

Dubai is known for its love of camel racing.So it would be a sin not to visit the race track at least once to see with your own eyes what excites so much not only the residents of the UAE, but the entire Arabian Peninsula. Camel racing is a very old tradition, the origins of which can be traced as far back as the seventh century. The races are usually held in the morning, between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. It is worth reserving a good seat in the grandstands in advance.

Dining at Sky Dubai

Sky Dubai is an extremely original restaurant, and not only because of the menu available. It is not a standard restaurant – the dining room hangs in the air on a special crane at a height of about 50 meters.It gently rotates, so that the view from the window will change.

Hatta Dome Park

Glamping is a very popular way to spend a vacation.It allows you to combine communing with nature and comfortable conditions, because although guests sleep in tents, they don’t have to worry about any inconveniences – the interiors of the bungalows are stylishly decorated, comfortable mattresses and beds are used for sleeping, there is even a small outdoor terrace and access to sanitary facilities. The resort staff is responsible for preparing food.In Dubai, glamping is arranged in the desert, near the Hatta Wadi Club.The bungalows are large enough to accommodate two parents with three children or just a group of a few friends.There are views of the nearby mountains, where it’s worth hiking.In the evenings, the glamping site hosts bonfires and barbecues. Despite the rather desolate location, wi-fi works easily at Hatta Dome Park.

Aura Skypool

Aura Skypool is no ordinary swimming pool.It sits atop The Palm Tower and is currently the largest 360-degree pool in the world. You can enjoy the view of the city from the pool, and when you get out of the water, you can relax on a chair or sunbathe on a lounger. A ticket to the pool costs about $46, and you can book your session date in advance on the Aura Skypool website.

Aura Skypool

Ain Dubai

Another unusual place to enjoy the city’s skyline is Ain Dubai, the world’s largest Ferris wheel – it is 75 meters taller than the famous London Eye in the English capital. The Ferris wheel stands over the water, at Bluewaters Island. It can be seen from various points in the city, even though Dubai is full of soaring skyscrapers. It is a very popular pastime with tourists and locals alike, and tickets for the ride can be purchased locally or ordered online.

Sky Views Dubai

Watching the city with a little thrill? There’s certainly no shortage of excitement at Sky Views Dubai, as the observation deck is a glass panel at a height of 219 meters, so you get the feeling of floating in the air. The main viewing platform is descended on a glass sheet, which adds to the adrenaline rush.

Al Shindagha Museum

Al Shindagha was at one time the traditional center of the emirate. Today, after extensive renovation, it is home to the House of Perfume. In this museum you can learn about the history of the Arab art of perfumery, see the old tools used in perfume production and learn about the art of extracting natural oils and aromas.

Deep Dive Dubai

Dubai has managed to build the world’s deepest pool – it is 60 meters deep. This depth is so great for a reason. A sunken city has been arranged in the pool, which divers can freely explore. However, deep-sea diving is reserved only for those with the appropriate certification, but even less experienced visitors will have something to do here – the pool is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving to depths of up to 12 meters.

The Dubai Fountain

The fountains in Dubai provide a fantastic spectacle. They are large, with an interesting form, and as soon as they start up, it’s hard to take your eyes off them – 80,000 liters of water are shot over 150 meters high. The shows take place every day, and it’s best to take a look at them during a visit to Dubai Mall, although of course you can go to the water show on purpose – the fountains are located on Burj Lake. Viewers do not need to buy tickets, and the best experience is provided by climbing up to the viewing platform, which goes very close to the water.

Spice market

Suki are Arabic markets. They sell a variety of goods, and tourists in Dubai are especially attracted to the spice suk. The place smells insanely – the scents of saffron, lime, rose fruit, barberry, cardamom, nigella, cumin, cloves and many other Arabian spices and herbs mix in the air.

Suk with its atmosphere is somewhat different from the modern districts of the city, and it is also cheaper than the stores in posh shopping malls. The spices are original, and it is precisely because of the prices that it is worth looking here to buy saffron or vanilla cheaply. In addition to spices, you can also get other products of local handicrafts: clothes, fabrics, lamps, jewelry, ceramics.

What can you do in Dubai when it rains?

It rains infrequently in Dubai, which does not mean that rainy days do not exist at all. They happen during the winter months, the coldest time of year in the UAE, when tourists are generally at their peak. Fortunately, even during the rainy season you can still enjoy your leisure time:

Arte Museum Dubai

Dubai Mall is not only about stores, but also about the opportunity to interact with art. The mall has 14 exhibitions dedicated mainly to nature.

Shopping in the mall

Dubai Mall is a huge shopping center with as many as 1,200 stores. You can find almost anything here, and just walking through the mall will take more than a day. There are also numerous restaurants and bars on site.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, standing as high as 828 meters. An observation deck has been arranged on the 124th floor, from where the panorama of the city and its surroundings can be seen. The terrace is entirely made of glass, so regardless of the weather you can enjoy the magnificent views in comfort.

Dubai Aquarium

This is a tucked-away zoo dedicated to marine animals, or more precisely, a massive aquarium. Visitors move around the underwater zoo through glass tunnels, which further enhances the experience.


You can spend a rainy day in a park with trampolines in a perfect atmosphere. It’s a large, activity-filled facility suitable for anyone who enjoys active recreation.

Roxy Cinema

The Roxy Cinema features the largest screen in the Middle East – it has as much space as two tennis courts. The auditorium is equipped with comfortable seats, guests are served snacks, the seats have heating.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

The modern building alone is worth seeing, but when it rains, it’s also worth going inside. Admission to the library is free, and you can buy a hot drink and a tasty snack on site.

Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera is open daily. In addition to being open for tours, there are regular performances and guest appearances by famous artists from around the world.

What can you do in Dubai with children?

Dubai is an ideal place for a family vacation. However, children want slightly different entertainment than adults, although there are many places in Dubai where you can have a great time regardless of age. Where are definitely worth a look during your stay in this city?


This is a modern roller skating track. Older children in particular will have a great time here. There is a skate rental shop on site, so you don’t need to have your own sports equipment. Rolldxb is located in Port Rashid.

Dubai Ice Rink

If not roller skating, how about ice skating? Dubai has set up a sizable ice rink, and admission to the sheet is free. Younger children who can’t skate well yet can get around with penguins helping them balance on the ice.


Organized in Dubai Mall, the large children’s playroom looks like a miniature town. Children can play as adults, playing the roles of doctors, firefighters, pilots or cooks, and there are also areas for creative activities, such as a laboratory for making their own perfume, and educational stations showing, among other things, the work of astronauts.

lay DXB

At this indoor playground you can experience amazing virtual reality experiments, and there are lots of arcade games for kids of all ages, electric cars, interactive games.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

This is a huge theme park, with fancy rollercoasters and characters from favorite movies and fairy tales.Aquaventure WaterparkThis water park in Dubai boasts numerous slides with very complicated tracks.The tubes range in size from standard ones for individuals to wide slides for multi-person pontoons.

Air Maniax

What child doesn’t like inflatable toys? There are plenty of them at Air Maniax, and even with a full day of fun, there won’t be a moment to get bored.Aventura Parks

Slightly more challenging for children, as well as, indeed, their parents, will be a visit to a rope park.Aventura Parks is located in Mushrif Park, outdoors. The trails are of varying degrees of difficulty, and every participant in the rope expedition is provided with a belay.Legoland Dubai

Lego parks can be found in several places around the world, and Dubai is one of them. Here, children can build their own constructions with blocks, visit Miniland with tiny houses, take part in a toy car race, and look into an interactive education center.

Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate is a vast entertainment zone reminiscent of a movie studio. There are attractions here related to popular fairy tales and movies – children can briefly impersonate their favorite characters and experience a movie adventure.

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