Visa to Egypt. How much does an egyptian visa cost?

Visa to Egypt
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The land of the Pharaohs has for years been one of the favourite destinations of tourists. But is this surprising? Rather not! Beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, monuments at your fingertips – what more do we need from a successful holiday… Probably just a safe return home. What about a visa to Egypt?

A visa to Egypt is a must for anyone intending to spend a holiday in the country. This issue applies to both children and adults. The price of the visa is the same for every tourist.

Where do you buy a visa to Egypt?

There are two possibilities – either online or at the airport in Egypt. Those who intend to complete the application online should use Most people going on holiday to the Land of the Pharaohs, decide to buy a visa immediately upon arrival (at the airport).

Please note that the visa must be purchased at the BANK counter. If you do it at travel agents, you will pay more – $27-30.

Visa to Egypt

How much does a visa to Egypt cost?

Finally, the most important point – the price of an Egyptian visa. It amounts to $25.00. The visa entitles us to enter and stay in Egypt once for 30 days.

Egypt without a visa? Yes, it is possible! If you have plans to relax in the Sinai Peninsula, you are exempt from having a visa. The so-called ‘Sinai Only’ visa is completely free of charge.

Filling in the visa application – how to do it?

All you need to do is provide some essential information. Remember, however, that the forms are in English and you will get them at the airport. You will find the following fields:

– Family name.
– Fore name.
– Date & Place of Birth.
– Nationality.
– Passport number.
– Address in Egypt – name of the hotel where you intend to stay.

Another note: if you are travelling with children, you must also fill in the forms for them.

Can I pay by card at Egyptian airports?

Yes, you can, but not at every airport. Also, the terminal may have a breakdown. It is always better to carry cash.

What currency was issued at the airport?

Not all the dollars we go to Egypt with are accepted locally. It is best if we take notes issued after 2013 on our long journey. This will make our stay much easier. Check that you have not been issued with old banknotes.

Is it possible to avoid paying for a visa?

Only, but only by flying to Sharm el Sheikh and not leaving the Sinai Peninsula.

How much does a visa cost for a child?

As much as for an adult.
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