Tourist tax in Valencia

tourist tax Valencia
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Some places are so attractive to tourists that you have to pay an additional tax to stay there. In Spain, such a fee applies in Valencia, among other places. Tourists staying in the region must also pay the tax when they travel solo, without going through a travel agency.

What kind of tourist tax applies in Valencia?

The tourist tax is expected to be introduced in 2023/2024. Children under the age of 16, people with disabilities and those attending academic events, within university centers, will be exempt from the tax.

The tax was enacted for the entire region, but so far only the city of Valencia has announced its collection from tourists. The authorities of Benidorm, Alicante and Torrevieja have announced that they will not charge the tourist fee, but this may change.

The tax for Valencia is 0.50 euros for low-standard accommodations, and 2 euros when staying in a five-star hotel.

The rate for passenger cruises is not yet known, but it is likely to be between €0.50 and €2.

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How much is the tourist tax in Valencia during the off-season?

In the Valencia region, the tourist tax is expected to be the same amount all year round.

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