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Tourist tax Turkey
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The climate fee is supposed to support the development of the local economy, and more and more countries are opting for this solution.Is Turkey also one of them?What are the fees that a tourist wishing to spend a vacation in this country must reckon with?

How much is the tourist tax in Turkey?

As of January 1, 2023, hotel owners must pay an accommodation tax of 2 percent.In other words, the tax is higher the higher the occupancy rate at a hotel, and the 2 percent rate is fixed regardless of the standard of the resort and the price per night.

Hotels have three options to choose from:
– to cover the lodging tax on their own, with no additional charge added to the guest’s bill;
– adding the 2 percent tax to the lodging price;
– charging tour operators and travel agencies;

So when choosing a deal, it’s worth checking how this issue is regulated and whether you will still have to pay the tourist tax at the hotel in question when you check out.

Tourist rental tax

As of January 1, 2024, Turkey is introducing an additional tax related to the tourism industry. Prices in Turkey vary widely depending on where you book accommodation, and on private accommodations, rates could be as much as half of those set by hotels in the same location. The new law is intended to level the playing field, and now private owners of apartments and vacation homes must also pay a tax similar to the hotel tax, which could significantly affect rental prices.

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