Tourist tax in Greece. Climate tax. How much?

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Excessive tourists can be a big problem for resorts, despite appearances. This is experienced, among others, by Greece, which on the one hand earns a lot from tourism, but on the other hand, has to incur additional costs because of it. The solution to the financial problems is to be a special tourist tax.

What is the tourist tax in Greece?

The tourist tax is not new in Greece. Throughout the country, tourist facilities have been charging guests an additional tax, the amount of which has been linked to the standard of the hotel. According to these arrangements, overnight rates were increased by the following tax:

– 0.50 euros per room in 1- and 2-star hotels

– 1.50 euros per room in a 3-star hotel

– 3 euros for a room in a 4-star hotel

– 4 euros per room in a 5-star hotel

In 2024, these rates will remain valid, but only during the low season, i.e. from November to February.

Tourist tax in Greece

How much is the new tourist tax?

Prices in Greece will go up sharply during the 2024 tourist season. The months that will be affected by the increase are April, May, June, July, August, September and October. Greece has raised the amounts to €1.50 for hotels with 1-2 stars, €3 for hotels with 3 stars, €7 for 4-star hotels and as much as €10 per night for a 5-star hotel.

New is a tourist tax on vacation rentals in private homes booked online. For apartments/apartments the tourist tax is 1.50 euros, for houses and villas it is 10 euros per day.

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