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Tourist tax in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura tourist tax
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Fuerteventura, unlike many other popular tourist destinations, is not subject to a tourist tax. In other words, people spending their vacation on the island do not have to pay more, as is the case in the Spanish Balearic Islands.

The tourist tax in Spain has been in effect since 2016. It is a small fee, charged for each day of stay, in local currency. Most often it is added to the hotel bill – the tourist tax is not included in the room rate. The tax per person is 1-4 euros per day – the higher the standard of the hotel, the higher the fee. Similar taxes are also paid by tourists in, for example, Greece or selected German cities.

How much is the tourist tax in Fuerteventura?

The tourist tax goes to maintain infrastructure and protect the environment. In the Canary Islands, including Fuerteventura, no such taxes are collected at the moment. Nor is it planned, although such rumors appear every season.

For the time being, the Canary Islands do not want to impose more fees on tourists, so those going to Fuerteventura do not have to budget for further expenses related to mandatory taxes.

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