Tourist tax in Egypt. Climate fee

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Few countries can boast such impressive sights as Egypt, so it is no wonder that it is a country crowded with tourists. When coming to Egypt, do you have to reckon with additional taxes? What fees are charged when vacationing there?

Has Egypt introduced a tourist tax?

More and more countries are opting for tourist taxes. Such a fee does not always apply to the whole country – sometimes the tax is charged only during a stay in a particular tourist destination, while visiting other places no longer entails excess costs.

Egypt, despite the fact that it is a country living from tourism, so far has not decided on a mandatory tourist tax and it is not charged even in the most popular resorts.

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Tourist tax in Egypt

Do tourists have to pay additional taxes?

Prices in Egypt are low, which makes the country even more attractive to tourists. However, it should be borne in mind that although there is no resort fee, tourists have to face certain costs during their stay. Most hotels and restaurants add local tax to the bill, which increases the final cost by about 17-25 percent – the most expensive in this regard are cities such as Cairo, Luxor and Hurghada. Additional fees are also charged to tickets at the most popular tourist attractions (including the Nile Valley and the pyramids of Giza).

The Egyptian government has also set minimum rates for overnight stays at local hotels, ranging from $10 for a stay at a 1-star hotel to $50 per night at a 5-star hotel. Another expense is taxes on selected tourist activities, including scuba diving, safaris and balloon flights.

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