Tourist tax in Corfu

Tourist tax Corfu
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Corfu is considered one of the most beautiful Greek islands and is very popular among tourists. It lies in the Ionian Sea, not far from Albania. Like other islands, it has been subjected to a mandatory climate tax – what is its amount?

What is the tourist tax in Corfu?

Due to its location, Corfu is slightly different from the other islands of Greece – it is greener, less dry, and the heat is not as severe. Prices in Corfu vary depending on the location and availability of sandy beaches. The main resort is Kavos, located in the southern part of the island.

However, the tourist fee is not related to the attractiveness of the location, but to the standard of the hotel – the better the resort, the higher the tax. As of March 1, 2024, the tourist fee will be:

– 1.5 euros per room in a 1-2 star hotel
– 3 euros per room in a 3-star hotel
– 7 euros per room in a 4-star hotel
– 10 euros for a room in a 5-star hotel

The tax is charged for each night, but it does not matter how many people a room is for – the tourist tax is a daily rate. From November to the end of February, lower fees apply:

– 0.50 euros/day – standard 1-2 stars
– 1.50 euros/day – 3-star standard
– 3 euros/day – standard 4 stars
– 4 euros/day – standard 5 stars

Tourit tax Corfu

Does the tourist tax apply to private rentals?

What is new from 2024 is that the tourist tax in Greece will also apply to private accommodations, regardless of their standard, size or location. The tourist tax for apartments and apartments is €1.5 per day, and for houses and villas it is €10 per day.

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