Tourist tax in Bulgaria. Climate fee – do you have to pay? Hotels 3, 4 & 5*

Tourist tax in Bulgaria
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Bulgaria is back on the tourist map and regaining its former popularity. The biggest crowds come to this country during the holiday season, when it is warmest and you can swim in the sea. Does such a stay entail a tourist tax?

Do tourists in Bulgaria have to pay an additional tax?

According to the law, anyone staying in a hotel or other accommodation must pay a tourist tax. This obligation also extends to private accommodations. The amount of the tax varies depending on the location and standard of the hotel – the more attractive the locality and the better the level of accommodation, the higher the fee you will have to pay. The tax is levied throughout the year, for each consecutive night’s stay in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian tourist tax

What is the amount of the Bulgarian tourist tax?

Prices in Bulgaria have gone up a bit in recent years, but it is still cheaper here than in other coastal European countries. As for the tourist tax, it is also not exorbitantly high and is usually less than 1 euro per day of stay. The limit for the tax in 2024 is set between BGN 0.20 and BGN 3. 1 BGN, or one Bulgarian lev, is about half a euro in conversion.

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