Tourist tax in Albania. Climate fee – do you have to pay? Hotels 3, 4 & 5*

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Albania is a small country located on the Mediterranean Sea. It’s an interesting alternative to either Italy or Greece, and one of Albania’s main advantages is its lower prices – does this mean that tourists here are not subject to any additional tax?

What is a tourist tax?

The tourist tax is intended to compensate for the losses resulting from the intense tourist traffic in a given place. Money from the tourist tax is used for the development of local infrastructure and nature conservation, and the amount of the fee is determined by each region on its own. The tourist tax is most often added to the bill for accommodation and applies not only to hotels, but also to private accommodations.

Climate fee Albania

Does the tourist tax apply in Albania?

Low prices in Albania are one of the country’s main assets when it comes to tourism. The tourism sector has grown a lot in recent years and more and more people are planning to come to Albania for their vacations, hence the decision to introduce a special tax. However, it is lower than fees in other countries – tourists staying in Albania pay 1 euro per night. Albania previously had a differentiated system of tourist fees, but now the amount of the tax does not depend on the location and standard of the hotel.

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