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Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. It lies on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf and is one of the most visited cities in the world, with as many as several million foreigners visiting in one year. Tourist attractions in Dubai are certainly not lacking, but how much such a trip to the UAE will cost? What are the average prices in Dubai?

Prices in restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is known for its abundance of good restaurants. In addition to luxury establishments, there are also more affordable places, and you can taste cuisine from almost all over the world. At Noepe, which serves primarily seafood, current meal prices look like this:

– salad with avocado, mango, beets and sweet corn – 75 AED
– salad with crabs – 95 AED
– roasted squid – 70 AED
– shrimp with spicy side dishes – 95 AED
– beef steak with vegetables – 85 AED
– chicken in bell pepper sauce – 85 AED
– charcuterie board with side dishes – 115 AED
– cheese board – 105 AED
– burger – 105 AED
– fish with fries and caviar sauce – 125 AED
– lobster with side dishes – 210 AED
– grilled salmon – 130 AED
– grilled seafood – 575 AED
– chocolate cake – 55 AED
– ice cream portion – 48 AED

Naughty Pizza is also worth a look:

– risotto with saffron and mozzarella – 49 AED
– risotto with truffles – 49 AED
– baked potatoes with mozzarella and tomato sauce – 49 AED
– bruschetta with tomatoes – 35 AED
– burrata with tomatoes and basil – 99 AED
– fried calamari – 78 AED
– smoked meat with cheese, olives and tomatoes – 108 AED
– salad with chicken – 64 AED
– Caesar salad – 65 AED
– salad with tuna – 78 AED
– lasagna – 98 AED
– cannelloni with mushrooms – 88 AED
– Carbo pizza – 97 AED
– pizza with beets, tomatoes, olives and sheep cheese – 86 AED
– pizza with gorgonzola, bacon and nuts – 96 AED
– pizza with pesto, mozzarella, beef, onions – 129 AED
– pizza with 4 cheeses – 88 AED
– pizza with ham, mushrooms and smoked cheese – 104 AED

Couqley offers local French-inspired dishes:

– foie gras – 159 AED
– onion soup – 49 AED
– baked shrimp with avocado – 97 AED
– tomato tart with figs, pecans and lettuce – 69 AED
– mushrooms in sauce – 76 AED
– crab tart – 69 AED
– calamari with Asian sauce – 83 AED
– octopus with potatoes – 119 AED
– ravioli with spinach – 107 AED
– beef tartare – 119 AED
– salmon tartare – 97 AED
– salad with seasonal vegetables – 49 AED
– salad with roquefort – 61 AED
– steak with fries and salad – 139 AED
– premium steak – 499 AED

Alcohol in Dubai is not completely banned, however, there are regulations regarding its consumption. It is absolutely forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages in public places – there are severe penalties for doing so, and this also applies to foreigners and non-Muslims. Alcohol is available to those 21 years of age or older.

Alcohol is served in licensed restaurants, bars and clubs. Most hotels serve alcohol, but this is worth checking before booking. It is also possible to drink alcohol in private residences.

Dubai alcohol

Food prices in stores in Dubai

While on vacation in Dubai, you can also prepare your own meals, and with the purchase of essential products should not be any problem – there are plenty of grocery stores throughout the city, in addition to a huge selection of goods offered by local markets.These are the prices of basic products in Carrefour Dubai:

– a package of lettuce – 7.95 AED
– 1 kg of onions – 10 AED
– 1 kg of lemons – 5 AED
– a packet of pasta – 7 AED
– bottle of oil – 8.95 AED
– 800 g of frozen shrimp – 59.75 AED- a dozen eggs – 19 AED- 1 kg of potatoes – 2 AED- 1 kg of tomatoes – 4.95 SED- 1 kg of olives – 29.95 AED- 100 grams of ham – 5.45 AED- cabbage – 1.50 AED- 1 kg of lamb – 36.95 AED- fresh mackerel – 5.95 AED- salmon fillet – 29.95 AED- toasted bread – AED 3.75- package of nuggets – 14.25 AED- 100 grams of cheddar cheese – 7 AED

The prevailing currency in Dubai is the dirham (AED), which is divided into 100 flis. 1 AED is approximately 0.27 U.S. dollars or about 0.25 euros. Some stores and eateries accept payment in dollars or euros, but then the bill comes out a bit more expensive, so it’s better to have local currency. Card payments are widely available.

To buy alcohol in a store in Dubai, a special license is required. Currently, it can be obtained for free. Alcoholic beverages are available at African Eastern and MMI chains.

Food prices in stores in Dubai

Accommodation prices in Dubai

As for hotels in Dubai, it’s quite expensive, but you can also find cheaper accommodations, such as hostels. In the fashionable coastal district of Jumeirah, at the Rove La Mer Beach Hotel, a night costs about $80. Staying at the 5-star Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai, you have to pay about $240 for a day’s stay. Renting a private apartment with a kitchen is an expense of about $100-120, depending on the location and standard of the apartment. In hostels, such as Havana, a night can be had for as little as $35.

Hotel prices drop slightly in the off-season, but it is worth bearing in mind that during this time in Dubai it is really hot and many of the available attractions – especially those outdoors, simply will not be able to use due to weather conditions. Tourist tax in Dubai depends on the standard of the hotel and ranges from 7 to 20 AED.

Public transportation prices in Dubai

Dubai Metro is a fast and convenient means of transportation. The metro has two main lines: the green line and the red line. The red line goes to Dubai International Airport, so you don’t necessarily need to order a cab to get to your hotel. The metro runs every few minutes, with the last run taking place at 11 p.m. A standard one-ride ticket costs 4 dirhams, but Blue Nol card holders enjoy lower rates – they pay only AED 1.50 for the same ride. For a ride to zone 2 you pay 6 dirhams (2.50 AED with the Nol card), to zone 3 you pay 8.50 dirhams (3.75 AED with the Nol card).The Nol card is also valid for travel on city buses. A standard bus ticket costs 4 AED, and you pay 8.50 AED for travel to further zones.

You can also get around Dubai by cab. The basic fare is 12 AED, and you pay about 1.80 AED for each kilometer driven. An alternative to cabs are the Uber and Careem apps – a short ride around the city itself often comes out more expensive than a cab, but for longer distances it is thanks to the apps that you can save a lot. In addition, there are also car rental companies – a city car can be had for as little as $14-15 a day plus the cost of refueling.

What is the cost of living in Dubai?

A luxury apartment in Dubai will cost at least $6,000 per month, but an ordinary apartment of good standard can be rented for about $2-3,000, and a studio for one person is available for about $1,000.The cheapest properties are on the outskirts of the city, the most expensive is in Jumeirah on the beach itself.Buying a monthly card for public transportation costs about $96. On average, one spends AED 1,000 per month on bills. You have to spend almost $2,000 a month on living, supporting a family costs more than $4,000 a month. Preparing meals for one person on your own will spend less on food than in restaurants – on average it comes out to about $450 per month.

What is the cost of living in Dubai

Real estate prices in Dubai

Prices of apartments in Dubai vary greatly. A standard one-bedroom apartment costs about AED 800,000, but for an apartment in the Burj Al Nujoom you have to pay almost 2 million dirhams. The most luxurious apartments overlooking the sea, with a private terrace and elegant finishes, cost more than AED 25 million. A small studio in the suburbs can be bought for as little as about AED 270,000.

Real estate prices in Dubai

Prices of attractions in Dubai

What is there to do in Dubai? It’s hard to get bored in this city, but how much will these attractions cost tourists? The prices of entertainment are not very exorbitant, but it is worth preparing an adequate budget for an exciting vacation.The most popular attractions in Dubai currently cost:

– touring the Burj Khalifa – 180 AED.
– climbing the Dubai Frame – 49 AED
– Miracle Garden – 49 AED
– Worlds from Adventure – 364 AED
– Xline Dubai Marina – 499 AED
– Ski Dubai – 195 AED
– Dubai Aquarium – 115 AED
– Museum of the Future – 149 AED
– Green Planet – 139 AED
– Wild Wadi water park – 290 AED

Prices for optional tours in Dubai

The most popular are trips to the nearby desert and visits to neighboring emirates. Such tours cost on average:

– Dubai Desert Safari – about $30
Abu Dhabi to Dubai tour – about $100.
– Gulf cruise – about $20- diving in the gulf – about $120


Is it expensive in Dubai?

Dubai is the most expensive city in the United Arab Emirates and also ranks among the most expensive cities in the world. You can lower the cost of your stay by staying in cheaper hotels and planning a trip to Dubai outside the main tourist season.

Is it cheap in Dubai?

Dubai can hardly be called a cheap city, but a lot depends on how you intend to spend your time there.The highest tourist traffic is from November to March.

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