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Prices in Cyprus
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Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an excellent vacation destination, but it is worth remembering that Cyprus is divided into North Cyprus and South Cyprus, which means differences in travel methods and prices. Below is a practical overview for tourists planning a vacation on this beautiful island.

Prices in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus occupies about a third of the island’s territory, and includes Famagusta and Kyrenia. It is a state officially recognized only by Turkey, because it is the Turkish population that makes up the majority of the population of Northern Cyprus. By the European Union, this part of the island is recognized as an area of the Republic of Cyprus under Turkish occupation. Unlike in Southern Cyprus, the currency of Northern Cyprus is the Turkish lira, which has quite an impact on prices in this part of the island – in general, the north of Cyprus is cheaper for both tourists and residents. 1 euro is about 35 Turkish lira. For 100 TL you can buy less than 3 euros.

Prices in South Cyprus

Southern Cyprus is identified with the Republic of Cyprus.It is a member state of the European Union, and the prevailing currency in South Cyprus is the euro. Being part of the Eurozone comes with a slightly higher cost of living than in the northern part of Cyprus, nevertheless, you can still spend a vacation here at a reasonable price.The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia, located on the border between the southern and northern parts, and the most popular destinations of South Cyprus include Larnaca, Limassol, Polis, Paphos, Vasilikos, Epipskopi.

Is Northern Cyprus expensive?

In 2024, North Cyprus may rank as an attractively priced vacation destination.On average, the cost of living in this part of Cyprus is several percent lower than in the south.It is also cheaper here than in nearby Turkey. There is no tourist tax in Cyprus, which is an additional incentive for tourists wishing to relax by the Mediterranean.

Is Cyprus expensive

Is southern Cyprus expensive?

A holiday in the southern part of Cyprus on average costs tourists more than in the north, but prices will vary depending on the standard of accommodation, location and how you spend your vacation. Although it is not the cheapest location in Europe, at the same time it is difficult to rank Cyprus among the most expensive European regions. Tourist tax does not have to be paid here either. The off-season will be even cheaper, although you have to reckon with the fact that in winter it will not be so warm and you need to check what to take to Cyprus to be prepared for the local weather.

Prices in restaurants in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus does not have as developed a gastronomic base as its southern neighbor, but good establishments with tasty food are not in short supply, especially in popular tourist destinations. At Nur restaurant, located on the beach in Esentepe, prices in 2024 look like this:

– calamari rings with dip – 150 TL
– Fried Brie cheese with cranberries – 150 TL
– mushrooms in cheese sauce with garlic bread – 170 TL
– bruschetta with tomato, onion, oil and garlic – 100 TL
– shrimp with garlic bread – 195 TL
– lasagna – 300 TL
– tagliatelle with chicken and cheese sauce – 260 TL
– spaghetti bolognaise – 240 TL
– pasta with shrimp – 260 TL
– pasta with vegetables – 250 TL
– grilled salmon with baked potatoes – 400 TL
– trout with fries and salad – 400 TL
– burger with fries and salad – 240 TL
– roasted chicken with BBQ sauce – 320 TL
– wrap with fresh seasonal vegetables – 150 TL

In Kyrenia, at Nima Restaurant & Lounge Bar, prices are a bit higher, with Turkish and French dishes on the menu. Meat dishes cost about 520-550 TL, and for exquisite seafood dishes you have to spend about 800-950 TL. Standard Turkish and European dishes are priced around 450-590 TL.

Prices in restaurants in South Cyprus

Restaurants in South Cyprus should appeal to all lovers of seafood and Mediterranean cuisine. The choice of eating establishments here is very wide. The cheapest is usually in street food – a hotdog or a hamburger can be bought for about 2.30-3 euros, a kebab costs in the range of 3-4 euros, a meat dish with fries is about 10-15 euros, and the prices of salads and vegetable snacks vary between 2 and 5 euros.

In restaurants, of course, it is more expensive. This is what the menu looks like at Oniro By The Sea:

– antipasti – 28 euros- halloumi – 13 euros- shrimp with garlic butter – 23 euros- Greek salad – 13 euros- salad with roasted fennel and oyster mushrooms – 14 euros- salad with shrimp – 20 euros- salad with tuna – 22 euros- ceviche – 18 euros- ravioli with shrimp – 16 euros
– arancini – 13 euros
– baked potatoes with vegetables – 9 euros
– papardelle with mushrooms – 22 euros
– roasted pork with vegetables and grilled potatoes – 28 euros
– grilled fish with side dishes – 30 euros
– baked eggplant – 18 euros
– steak with mashed potato – 40 euros

In Paphos, the Dionysus Mansion Food Restaurant is also dominated by seafood and Greek dishes:

– roasted eggplant with parsley and feta – €6.50
– pita with cheese, smoked paprika and sun-dried tomatoes – €6.50
– tuna with lemon sauce and avocado puree – 16.50 euros
– smoked mackerel with beans, peas and cherry tomatoes – 14 euros
– salmon with rice on vine leaves – 12.50 euros
– Greek ceviche – 16.50 euros- salad with figs and pomegranates – 13 euros- salad with country cheese, olives, tomatoes and cucumber – 17 euros- salad with halloumi – 13.50 euros- ravioli with mushrooms – 12 euros- risotto with mushrooms – 11 euros- zucchini with feta – 11 euros- beef with croutons – 16 euros- snails in oil – 11 euros- shrimp with feta and tomato sauce – 19.50 euros- kebab with pork – 18.50 euros- lamb with side dishes – 25 euros

Prices in supermarkets in North Cyprus

While in North Cyprus you can easily prepare your own meals. There are supermarkets in almost every major town, in addition to which you can stock up on groceries at local markets. In the Gencerler Market chain, food prices look like this:

– bottle of sunflower oil – 199 TL- can of olive oil (5 l) – 699 TL- a cube of butter – 129 TL- a liter of milk – 19.95 TL- 1 kg of tomatoes – 19,95 TL- 1 kg cucumbers – TL 18.95- 1 kg red bell peppers – 59.95 TL- 1 kg green bell peppers – TL 17.95- eggplant – TL 19.95 per kg- Country cheese (500 g) – 64.95 TL- 1 kg Turkish sausage – 399.95 TL- head of lettuce – TL 9.95- bunch of spring onions – TL 12.95- yogurt (2 kg) – 69.95 TL
– packet of rice – 44.95 TL
– packet of pasta – 19.95 TL

Prices in supermarkets in Cyprus

Supermarket prices in southern Cyprus

There is no shortage of grocery stores in the southern part of Cyprus either, and they are very well stocked.When shopping in the SupermarketCy chain, you need to be prepared for these prices:

– toasted bread – 2.23 euros
– bagels – 0.95 euros- whole wheat bread – 3.33 euros- 1 kg of cucumbers – 2.75 euros- 500 g of cherry tomatoes – 3.10 euros- 1 kg of carrots – 1.35 euros- 1 kg of potatoes – 1.70 euros- 4-pack of peppers – 4.20 euros- 1 kg of onions – 1.60 euros- a package of rice – 1.99 euros- a package of pasta – 0.96 euros- chicken breast (800 g) – 6.82 euros- 1 kg of pork – 6.62 euros- 1 liter of milk – 1.29 euros- 15 eggs – 3.30 euros- 200 g gouda – 2.50 euros- 100 g of cream cheese – 0.73 euros

Alcohol prices in Northern Cyprus

Alcohol in North Cyprus is generally available. It can be bought in a store or ordered in restaurants – there are no restrictions on its consumption, provided the person is of age. Prices are fairly low. At the store you pay about 14-15 TL for a bottle of local beer, beers of well-known brands cost from 16 TL upwards. A bottle of brand-name vodka costs between 230-400 TL, and a bottle of good wine can be had for as little as 190 TL.

Alcohol prices in South Cyprus

Alcohol prices in South Cyprus

There is no problem with the availability of alcoholic beverages in South Cyprus either.Alcohol is quite cheap here. You can get wine in a store for as little as about 6.50 euros, and a bottle of corporate beer costs about 2.20 euros. Prices for local beers start at 0.70 euros. Local liquors cost approx. 3.50 euros per bottle. In restaurants you pay about 3-4 euros for a glass of wine, a glass of whiskey or vodka costs 5 euros.

Accommodation prices in North Cyprus

The hotel base is best developed at the coastline, where tourists are most likely to come. For example, at the Karpaz Gate Marina Hotel on the northern coast, you pay about TL 5,000 for one night. At the luxury Maldives Homes, near Kyrenia, for a day’s stay you need to spend about 7600 TL. There are also cheaper accommodations, like the 3-star Ekor Elegance Hotel, priced at TL 2,600 per night. The cheapest is in the interior of the island, away from the sea – near Nicosia you can find accommodation costing as little as 700 TL per day.

Accommodation prices in South Cyprus

South Cyprus lives largely just from tourism, so there are plenty of hotels of different standards here. The average price of accommodation in Paphos is 200-300 euros, but there are also cheaper deals, such as the 3-star Paphinia Hotel, where you pay about 80 euros for a room. An overnight stay in Ayia Napa will cost 100-110 euros. In the Limassol area, you’ll have to spend an average of 250 euros for a good hotel, but there are also accommodations for 90 euros a night, such as at The Library Hotel & Wellness Resort.

Accommodation prices in South Cyprus

Public transportation in northern Cyprus

Public transportation in the northern part of the island is not particularly well developed.There are mini-buses known as Dolmus that run between the villages of Northern Cyprus – they run frequently, but not on any particular schedule, which can make travel difficult.The advantage, however, is the price, as a ticket costs 3-5 TL.

Public transportation in southern Cyprus

In the southern part of Cyprus it looks better.Cities such as Nicosia even have several bus lines each, in addition to public transportation to other towns.A single ride ticket costs €2.40, an in-app ticket is cheaper – €1.80. A card for 7 days costs 25 euros, for 30 days – 75 euros, and can, of course, also be purchased by tourists.

Real estate prices in North Cyprus

How much would it cost to buy an apartment or house in North Cyprus?A studio in a new apartment building in Famagusta can be had for TL 3 million.A 4-bedroom villa in Kyrenia is worth at least TL 47 million.An apartment near the sea, such as in Iskele, costs an average of TL 4 million.

real estate prices in cyprus

Property prices in southern Cyprus

Is it more expensive in the southern part of Cyprus?It depends on the specific location and the standard of the property.In Limassol, a new apartment with two rooms can be had for about 600 thousand euros, a three-room apartment costs about 790 thousand euros. In Paphos, apartments cost an average of 320 thousand euros. For an elegant villa in Paphos you need to spend 750 thousand euros.In smaller towns, real estate is cheaper – you can buy your own apartment for 100 thousand euros.The price of a monthly rental apartment is on average 850 euros.

Prices of souvenirs in North Cyprus

The most popular among tourists are local handicrafts, mainly ceramics and embroidered textiles – their prices depend on quality, but the average is about TL 2 thousand. Natural sponges are also very popular, priced at about 300 TL.It is also worth buying handmade olive oil soap at the local bazaar.

Souvenir prices in southern Cyprus

And what is worth buying while in the south of the island? Traditional embroideries are also very popular here – small embroidered trinkets can be bought for a few euros. Cypriot food products, especially cheeses, are similarly priced. Cypriot wines cost an average of a dozen euros a bottle. Carob products can be had for 1-2 euros. You should also be interested in local ceramics and silver jewelry – the price range here is quite large, depending on the quality of the products.

Gold prices in North Cyprus

Currently, the rate for one ounce of gold is nearly TL 75,000.

Gold prices in South Cyprus

An ounce of gold in South Cyprus is currently worth about 2.1 thousand euros.For one gram of gold you have to pay almost 70 euros, for 22-carat gold the price is 63 euros per gram.

Prices of tours in Northern Cyprus

The main attraction of northern Cyprus is the beaches, but many tourists additionally opt for optional tours in the area.How much will such a pleasure cost in 2024?- North Cyprus round trip (Famagusta, Kyrenia, Nicosia) – about 5800 TL
– guided tour of Kyrenia – about 5500 TL
– cruise along the coast – approx. 2800 TL
– winery tour and wine tasting – approx. 3200 TL
– trekking around Kyrenia – approx. 3400 TL
– jeep ride through the mountains – approx. 28,000 TL

Prices for tours in southern Cyprus

The southern part of Cyprus is not only larger, but also richer in various tourist attractions. What is their cost?- A cruise on the Blue Lagoon – about 40 euros.
– trip to the Baths of Adonis – about 90 euros
– tour of the mountain villages around Paphos – 50 euros
– snorkeling with turtles – about 80 euros
– safari to Akamas National Park – about 75 euros
– tour to the Rock of Aphrodite – about 80 euros- sightseeing tour of Limassol and surroundings – about 110 euros- guided tour of Paphos – about 40 euros- tour of the cliffs and caves of the south coast – about 120 euros

How much money to take to Northern Cyprus?

In the northern part of Cyprus you can pay by card in many places, nevertheless cash will also come in handy, for purchases in local stores, cabs or tips for the staff. The amount of your budget depends on your expenses, and when planning them you need to take into account transportation, souvenirs, going out on the town, possible optional excursions. The currency is the Turkish lira, but in many places visited by tourists you can pay in euros, dollars and British pounds.

How much money to take to South Cyprus?

In South Cyprus you pay everywhere in euros – other currencies are rarely accepted.A multi-currency card will come in handy for payments and taking out cash. Cyprus offers many tourist attractions, which is good to include in your vacation budget. Among the expenses will be the cost of public transportation, entrance fees to various attractions, going out to restaurants, souvenirs. Stores in Cyprus mostly accept cashless transactions.


Is northern Cyprus expensive?

The northern part of Cyprus is relatively cheap for tourists and you can spend less here than, for example, in Turkey or Croatia.

Is Northern Cyprus cheap?

You can arrange a really cheap vacation in Northern Cyprus and it is usually cheaper here than in the southern part of the island.

Is southern Cyprus expensive?

Holidays in South Cyprus do not have to come out very expensive and the average cost of a vacation here is lower than in Greece and comparable to Turkey.

Is Southern Cyprus cheap?

South Cyprus can be counted among those relatively cheap tourist destinations in Europe.


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