RyanAir – baggage dimensions

RyanAir - baggage dimensions
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Only a certain type of baggage is allowed to be taken on board an airplane – each airline gives its own limits on weight, size and contents. The baggage allowance also applies to backpacks and suitcases, which are carried in the aircraft’s hold. What can you take on board when traveling with RyanAir airlines?

Small personal bag in Ryanair

Every passenger is entitled to take a small travel bag on board the plane. No additional fees are added to the ticket price for bringing it. However, the condition is that the small carry-on bag must fit under the seat and should not interfere with other travelers’ movement on board the aircraft. The allowable dimensions for a personal bag are 40 x 20 x 25 cm.

The stated dimensions are worth keeping an eye on, as they are checked during check-in at the airport, and if the bag is larger, the passenger will have to pay extra for it. Importantly, the dimensions for luggage vary from carrier to carrier, and for example, the allowable baggage dimensions on Wizz Air are slightly different from those on Ryanair.

Hand luggage in Ryanair

Hand luggage in Ryanair

Hand luggage is that which you are allowed to bring on board.Free carry-on luggage is only one piece and additional luggage is already charged for. A carry-on suitcase, bag or backpack must fit in the overhead compartment above the seat. Permissible dimensions are 55 x 40 x 20 cm, and the maximum weight of hand luggage is 10 kg in Ryanair.

Those who purchase priority boarding can bring 2 pieces of hand luggage, but they must still fit within the limits recommended by the carrier.Priority boarding and 2 pieces of carry-on baggage entitle the passenger to board the plane first – after purchasing this option, the passenger benefits from another queue.

Checked baggage in Ryanair

Hand luggage is not the only thing you can take with you when traveling by air.However, larger baggage requires an additional fee and is carried in the aircraft’s hold. When booking a ticket, you can add either 10 kg baggage or 20 kg if you need a larger limit. Each passenger is entitled to purchase 3 pieces of 20 kg checked baggage.

Not only the weight limit applies – the maximum size of checked baggage is 80 x 120 x 120 cm. Checked baggage must be checked in at the check-in counter, before the security check.

Luggage for babies in Ryan Air

Checking the reviews of RyanAir, you will find that it is a very convenient airline for traveling with young children.Infants as young as 8 days old can travel on Ryan Air. Children between 8 days and 23 months old can only board when accompanied by an adult guardian. There is no separate baggage allowance for infants traveling on a caregiver’s lap, but children’s luggage weighing up to 5 kg and measuring 45 x 35 x 20 cm is allowed.

As part of the infant luggage, 2 pieces of accessories such as a stroller, baby seat, travel crib, car seat can be shipped free of charge. Other baby accessories should be checked in the luggage hold, and their weight should not exceed 20 kg. The baby changing table is located in the back of the plane, so you don’t need to take it with you. There is also an option to heat a bottle of baby food. Selected baby food items can be purchased on the plane – prices on board RyanAir are easy to check with the mobile app or by going to the carrier’s website.

Sports and music luggage

Anyone traveling on Ryanair airlines is entitled to take any sports equipment with them, as long as it falls within the baggage allowances.Equipment larger and heavier than the allowed limits requires a surcharge. Enlarged hand luggage requires the purchase of a ticket for the second seat, the other option is an excess baggage fee.

The rules for carrying musical instruments are similar. Instruments that exceed hand luggage limits are allowed to be brought on board after reserving an extra seat. Alternatively, you can check-in the instrument and pay an additional fee – the rate is charged for each excess kilogram of baggage.

Luggage for babies in Ryan Air

Oversized baggage

The allowed limit of 20 kg can be increased by 3 kg for each piece of checked baggage.Excess baggage should be declared online, no later than 2 hours before departure. There is also an option to purchase excess baggage at the airport at the Ryan Air counter. The excess baggage fee will be lower when purchased online.

If, at check-in, the checked baggage is found to be heavier than declared, a fee will have to be paid. The carrier also has the right to refuse baggage that does not meet the rules described in the travel regulations.

What if the hand luggage turns out to be too big?

It’s better not to pack too many things in your carry-on baggage, because even if it slightly exceeds the allowed limit, you will have to return it to the baggage hold.Among other things, you can forgo snacks and drinks, as they are available for sale during the flight, although their prices on board Wizz Air and many other carriers are quite high.

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How do I add baggage to my reservation?

The easiest way is to do it online, on the Ryan Air website.After logging into the customer panel, go to “manage reservation” and “add baggage/equipment”, select the appropriate options and make payment.Confirmation will be sent to your email address.
What if priority entry and 2 pieces of luggage are no longer available?
In a situation where a small personal bag exceeds the allowed size, you can add a 10kg bag to your reservation.However, it cannot be brought on board, but will be accepted as checked baggage.

Combining baggage allowances

As the reviews on Wizz Air or other carriers show, it is not possible everywhere to combine baggage limits between several passengers. On Ryan Air, passengers who fly on the same reservation can combine their baggage allowances. In practice, this means that with one person’s smaller baggage, the other passenger can bring heavier or larger baggage without a surcharge, but it still cannot weigh more than 32 kg.

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