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Supermarket prices in Tenerife. Prices of food & drink. Is cheap or expensive?

Prices in Tenerife
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Tenerife is part of the Canary Islands archipelago.It belongs to Spain, and its capital, and largest city, is Santa Cruz de Tenerife. For years, Tenerife has remained among the most popular tourist destinations, but how much will a trip to the Canary Islands cost in 2024? What expenses must tourists prepare for?

Prices in restaurants in Tenerife

There are plenty of restaurants and bars in Tenerife. Seafood-based dishes reign supreme on the menu, but dishes from continental Spanish and African cuisine are also popular. Prices in restaurants depend on the location and the standard of the establishment, but generally dining out does not come out very expensive.

You can taste local cuisine, for example, at Fish-Art Restaurant near the popular Playa de Montana Amarilla in the south of the island. Seafood appetizers, such as tuna tartare, fried shrimp or baked calamari cost about 8-11 euros. Salads are priced at 8-9 euros, dinner dishes such as spaghetti with shrimp or risotto with squid cost an average of 13-15 euros. Above 20 euros cost dishes with beef and paella with seafood. Desserts can be ordered for a few euros.

At Terras del Sur, a restaurant more inland and close to popular national parks, prices are similar. Tapas cost between 7 and 15 euros, salads between 9.80 and 14 euros. Meat dishes are an expense of 18 to 23 euros, and revuelto with various toppings is available for 9 euros. Smaller dishes, such as croutons or croquettes, can be had for as little as 2-5 euros.

Prices of food in stores in Tenerife

What about preparing your own meals?There’s no trouble with that, because you can buy food products in every village, either in stores or markets.Food prices are very similar all over the island, although it can be a bit more expensive in the big resorts. Prices in Tenerife 2024 look like this:

– a liter of milk – 1 euro
– a dozen eggs – 3 euros
– 1 kg of potatoes – 1.50 euros
– 1 kg of tomatoes – 1.80 euros
– 1 kg of onions – 2 euros
– 1 kg of oranges – 1.50 euros
– packet of rice – 1.20 euros
– 1 kg of cottage cheese – 4 euros
– loaf of bread – 0.90 euros
– 1 kg of meat – 7-15 euros

In Tenerife, the prevailing currency is the euro.Card payments are widely accepted, and there is no problem with cash withdrawals.

Prices of food in stores in Tenerife

Accommodation prices in Tenerife

Hotels in Tenerife are known for their good conditions. Thanks to Tenerife’s extensive accommodation facilities, it is possible to find both a luxury resort and budget accommodation of a lower standard. Regardless of the type of accommodation, the tourist fee in Tenerife does not apply. In the island’s capital, an average night’s stay costs 90-100 euros, while in hostels, such as the Tenerife Experience Hostel, accommodation can be found for less than 50 euros. On the south coast, in Costa del Silencio, hostels and cheap guesthouses offer accommodation for about 30-40 euros, and in the west of Tenerife, in Los Cristanos, you need to prepare yourself for an expense of 150-170 euros for a night in a 4-star hotel. In 5-star hotels, such as the Royal River Luxury Hotel, a night costs about 1600 euros.

The best time to go to Tenerife is summer, but then the average price of accommodation is higher than in low season. However, this does not mean that winter in Tenerife will be an unsuccessful vacation, because there is also something to do at this time of year, and many attractions are easier to get to and there are no crowds of visitors.

Public transportation in Tenerife

Public transportation is very well developed in Tenerife. You can get almost anywhere by bus, so renting a car is not necessary, although of course it can be done – car rental companies operate at all international airports, in addition to which there are still facilities in popular tourist destinations. Buses are clean, safe and run according to schedule.

A single ticket for a city bus costs 1 euro. However, it will be more advantageous to purchase a tourist card – a pass for one day of unlimited rides costs 10 euros, a seven-day pass is available for 50 euros. Intercity rides cost from 5 to 13.90 euros, depending on the route. There are also two streetcar lines: Santa Cruz – La Laguna and La Cuesta – Tincer. The fare is 1.35 euros. You can buy a ticket from a machine at the stop.

Prices of food in stores in Tenerife

What about preparing your own meals?There’s no trouble with that, because you can buy food products in every village, either in stores or markets.Food prices are very similar all over the island, although it can be a bit more expensive in the big resorts.

How much are these costs for a tourist? Traveling on a budget, you can close in on 40-50 euros a day, including accommodation, but if you want to stay in a better hotel and enjoy the numerous attractions, you will need at least 140 euros a day. Dinner for two people in a mid-range restaurant costs about 50-60 euros.

Real estate prices in Tenerife

An apartment with three rooms costs an average of 250 thousand euros in the capital, for an apartment of a higher standard you need to spend more than 350 thousand euros. In Puerto de la Cruz studios are available for 150-190 thousand euros, larger apartments cost at least 230 thousand euros. A luxury villa near the sea can be had for about 2 million euros. Houses in Tenerife cost an average of 300-700 thousand euros, depending on the square footage and location.

Real estate prices in Tenerife

Prices of tourist attractions in Tenerife

The main purpose of a trip to Tenerife is usually to relax on the beach, but this island definitely has more to offer. What are the best places to see in Tenerife? You should definitely visit Tenerife’s national parks – admission to them is usually free. Many historic sites can also be seen for free, and the only cost will be to get to the place you are visiting. And how much do you have to pay for other entertainment?

– admission to Siam Park Tenerife – about 60 euros
– round trip around the island – about 40 euros
– tour of the pyramids and ethnographic park in Guimar – from 10 euros
– knightly show plus dinner at Castillo San Miguel – about 43 euros
– entrance to the Jungle Park – about 30 euros
– quad tour of Teide National Park – about 75 euros
– snorkeling with turtles – about 45 euros
– cruise with dolphin viewing – from 55 euros
– flamenco show – from 15 euros
– vineyard tour plus wine tasting – from 70 euros
– guided tour around Pico de Teide and Masca Gorge – from about 50 euros

What to take to Tenerife with plans for an active holiday? Certainly comfortable shoes and a light jacket or sports sweatshirt – in the mountains or on the high seas it can be cool even in the middle of summer.

Prices of optional excursions in Tenerife

All-inclusive holidays in Tenerife usually do not include optional excursions and you have to buy them additionally.What expenses await tourists who decide to go on such entertainment?Prices start from 30-40 euros, but if the trip includes a guide and additional attractions, it will be up to 100 euros.The cheapest excursions are those organized independently, while when it comes to cruises to other islands of the Canary archipelago, it is useful to book places in advance in high season.

Considering where Tenerife is, you can also take a trip to nearby Morocco or a cruise to Portugal’s Madeira.

Is Tenerife cheap?

Tenerife offers cheaper vacations than Italy, France or Scandinavia. Prices are similar to those in Greece or Croatia.

What is cheap in Tenerife?

Most goods and services are available at favorable prices. You can eat cheaply and find inexpensive accommodation here, and there is no shortage of affordable entertainment.

Is Tenerife expensive?

No, it is a relatively inexpensive vacation destination. Compared to mainland Spain, prices here are lower than those in Spain, Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia.

What is expensive in Tenerife?

Quite expensive is real estate, both in terms of buying and renting.

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