Supermarket prices in Sicily. Prices of food & drink. Is cheap or expensive?

Prices in Sicily
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Sicily is an Italian island, located in the Mediterranean Sea. Tourists to Sicily are attracted not only by the great weather, but also by the abundance of ancient monuments, in addition, the island can boast excellent cuisine and local wines. But how much will a vacation in Sicily cost? What prices should be expected in 2024?

What are the prices in Sicily?

Prices in Italy are quite high, but Sicily is among the poorest regions of Italy, so you spend less on average here than in Rome or Milan. It will be rather easy to find cheap accommodation, and there is no shortage of affordable dining establishments. Nonetheless, it tends to be more expensive during the high season, especially in regions particularly frequented by tourists.

Is Sicily expensive?

Sicily is not overly expensive and you can spend a pleasant vacation here also with a limited budget, although, of course, then you will have to give up the highest standard of tourist services. Compared to other regions of Italy, it’s cheaper here, but it’s also impossible to call Sicily the cheapest location on the Mediterranean, because lower prices are in Montenegro or Albania, among others. Prices in Sardinia are similar.

Prices in restaurants in Sicily

It is undoubtedly possible to eat well in Sicily. Local cuisine and local wines predominate, and most restaurants stay open late, although they usually close for siesta time during the day. At Casa Niclodi, in the popular tourist destination of Taormina, you can find these prices on the menu:

– lemon sorbet – 10 euros
– almond parfait with chocolate sauce – 10 euros
– fondant with vanilla ice cream – 10 euros
– cheese mousse with honey and cinnamon – 10 euros
– tangerine sorbet – 10 euros
– pistachio parfait with chocolate sauce – 10 euros
– Sicilian cake – 10 euros
– pizza (various types) – 10 euros
– gnocchi with tomatoes and ricotta – 16 euros
– ravioli with cheese, lettuce and cherry tomatoes – 18 euros
– pasta with pork in bolognese sauce – 16 euros
– pasta with cheese sauce and pears – 18 euros
– pasta with eggplant and ricotta – 15 euros
– spaghetti con bottarga – 28 euros
– vegetable soup – 12 euros

At Ristorante Don Eusebio, in Ragusa, prices are quite similar:

– veal in cheese sauce with topinambur – 12 euros
– traditional beef meatballs – 18 euros
– focaccia with local cold cuts – 14 euros
– pasta with green beans and pecorino cheese – 18 euros
– spaghetti alla bottarga – 16 euros
– Sicilian lentil soup – 16 euros
– cheese ravioli with pork ragout – €18
– pork with seasonal vegetables – 22 euros
– veal ribs with potatoes – 24 euros
– beef steak with grilled onions – 26 euros

If restaurants seem too expensive, it’s worth checking out what Sicilian street food tastes like. Portions of lasagna can be bought in such a street place for as little as 3 euros, also the popular panino costs between 2.50-3.50 euros. Pizza Siciliana costs about 4 euros. Desserts, such as cannolo, can be bought for about 1.50-2 euros.

Prices in restaurants in Sicily

Supermarket prices in Sicily

Restaurants in Sicily are not one option. You can also prepare your own meals and buy products from a supermarket or local store. At the Deco a Casa chain, you have to pay for basic purchases:

– natural yogurt (two-pack) – €1.49
– homogenized cheese with fruit – 1.49 euros
– 100 g yellow cheese – 1.69 euros
– 1 liter of milk – 2.89 euros
– 300 g package of chicken fillets – 4.47 euros
– 400 g of beef – 6.36 euros
– 250 g salami Siciliano – 4.22 euros
– 60 g mortadella – 0.95 euros
– 85 g of bresaola – 3.99 euros
– 100 g of salmon – 6.50 euros
– package of black olives (300 g) – 3.25 euros
– package of pasta – 0.95 euros
– package of ravioli – 2.89 euros
– a package of crostini – 1.39 euros
– a jar of pesto – 4.79 euros
– 1 kg of cucumbers – 0.85 euros
– 1 kg of onions – 1 euro
– 1 kg of tomatoes – 1.50 euros
– 1 kg of potatoes – 0.90 euros
– head of lettuce – 0.85 euros

Fresh fish, vegetables and fruits are best bought at markets, where prices are sometimes even lower than those in supermarkets. However, while in a store you can easily pay with a card, at the bazaar almost only cash transactions are honored.

Supermarket prices in Sicily

Alcohol prices in Sicily

Sicily is all about wines. Their prices vary greatly. In markets you can get a bottle of local wine for as little as about 5 euros, but the better varieties cost about 10 euros, and for high-quality wines you need to spend at least 35 euros. Liqueurs, such as those flavored with pistachio or lemon, cost about 13-14 euros. You can get a bottle of brand-name beer for 2-3 euros. For a bottle of vodka or whiskey you pay on average 12-14 euros, gin is available for about 16 euros.

Prices of accommodation in Sicily

Finding a hotel or guesthouse in Sicily should not be a problem, although during the holiday season it is advisable to make reservations in advance. Prices depend on location and standard. In Syracuse a standard room in a 4-star hotel, such as One Siracusa, costs about 160 euros per night. At an elegant resort right on the beach, such as Dimora Caiammari & Spa, prices are higher, in the range of 270-300 euros.

On the southern coast of Sicily, at Castello Tafuri Charming you pay 180 euros per day for a stay. In Palermo, you can find rooms starting at 55 euros a day, while a luxury hotel like Villa Igiea will cost more than a thousand euros a day. In Taormina, there are both cheap accommodations, at around 50 euros per room, and exclusive hotels, with rates of 2 thousand euros per day. Note that regular room rates are augmented by the Italian tourist tax, the amount of which depends on the location and standard of the hotel.

Public transportation in Sicily

Sicily impresses with its cultural heritage, and is also known for its beautiful landscapes. You can get around the island by train, there is even a special narrow-gauge train circling Mount Etna, but they run relatively infrequently and may require transfers. More convenient are buses – lines also reach these smaller villages and have stops close to the beaches. Ticket prices depend on the distance – within one town a ride costs about 1 euro, for a trip to another village you pay several euros. In larger towns there is an option to buy a full-day ticket for 2,50 euros. The alternative is to take a cab or rent a private car.

Real estate prices in Sicily

How much would it cost to buy your own apartment on this charming island? It’s cheaper here than in major Italian cities. In Palermo you can have a 3-room apartment for about 135 thousand euros, and a house for about 750 thousand euros. In Syracuse you can buy a 3-room for 190 thousand euros, an apartment in a historic building will cost about 350 thousand euros. In the provinces, but close to the sea, apartments are available for about 30 thousand euros. Renting an apartment is a minimum of 200 euros per month, for a unit of better standard and convenient location you pay about a thousand euros or more.

Real estate prices in Sicily

Souvenir prices in Sicily

Teste di Moro is a famous Sicilian pottery depicting female and male heads. The original wares are quite expensive – you have to spend 100 euros or more for an elaborately decorated head, but smaller heads can be bought for 20-30 euros. Sicilian trinacria are similarly priced. Elegant tableware costs up to several hundred euros, with one cup or plate costing about 20 euros. Pupi Siciliani, or figurines from the Sicilian Puppet Theater, cost a dozen euros.

Sicilian-style jewelry is another popular souvenir – you have to pay at least 20-30 euros for it. Handmade Sicilian baskets cost about 100 euros apiece. A cheaper souvenir will be products made of local volcanic material – grinders and pumice stones can be obtained for a few euros. Tourists will spend a similar amount on Sicilian delicacies: wine, olive oil, spices.

Gold prices in Sicily

While in Sicily, you may be interested in buying investment gold. It currently costs just over 70 euros per gram (24K gold). 1 ounce of 24K gold costs more than 2.1 thousand euros, and 1 kg costs nearly 71 thousand zlotys.

Prices of tours in Sicily

Attractions in Sicily are certainly not lacking. Regardless of where you stay, you can arrange an interesting optional excursion, and their prices are as follows:

– tour around Etna – about 65 euros.
– cruise around Taormina – about 40 euros
– tour of a vineyard + wine tasting – about 150 euros
– tour of the caves near Ortigia – about 25 euros
– cruise to the Aeolian Islands – approx. 95 euros
– evening trek to Stromboli – approx. 30 euros
– guided tour of Palermo – approx. 30 euros
– guided tour of the Valley of the Temples – about 40 euros

How much money to take to Sicily?

Staying in Sicily does not have to be expensive, but you will still need to spend at least a hundred euros per day, and usually more, in the range of 150-200 euros – including accommodation. A week-long trip for two people costs an average of 1,500 euros. The budget depends on the standard of the hotel, how to get around the island, food, souvenirs, museum tickets. It is best to take euros to Sicily, as it is the official means of payment throughout the island – payments in other currencies are rarely accepted.

It’s most expensive during the vacations, so consider a vacation in May or October, when traffic is still somewhat light.


Is it expensive in Sicily?

It is more expensive in Sicily compared to, for example, Montenegro, but you will spend less here than in other parts of Italy.

Is it cheap in Sicily?

Sicily is among the cheapest regions of Italy, nevertheless it is not the Mediterranean where you will spend the least on your vacation.

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