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Prices in Sardinia
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Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. It belongs to the territory of Italy, and its capital is the city of Cagliari. Sardinia’s landscape is mainly rocky, but the island also has many picturesque beaches where you can relax for most of the year. However, how much will a vacation in Sardinia cost?

What are the prices in Sardinia?

In 2024, prices in Sardinia remain rather affordable for tourists, although it is slightly more expensive than another popular Italian island – Sicily. At the same time, the cost of living in Sardinia comes out cheaper than in nearby Corsica, which is already part of France.Considering the average prices in Italy, Sardinia may surprise on the plus side, nevertheless, as always, it depends on the style of vacation and the standard of accommodation. In order to cheaply organize a vacation in Sardinia, it is worth considering the dates outside the peak season – a vacation in May or late autumn will be just as good, while rental prices should be a little lower than those of July or August.

Is Sardinia expensive?

Sardinia is not a very expensive island. However, tourists spend more on average for a vacation there than in, say, Greece or Croatia. On top of that, there is a tourist tax in Italy, which is added to the price of accommodation – it applies not only in hotels, but also in guesthouses and private accommodation. The amount of the tax depends on the location, so before booking a place it is worth checking what rates apply in a given city.

Is Sardinia expensive

Prices in restaurants in Sardinia

Italy is famous for its excellent cuisine, and Sardinia in this respect does not stand out from the rest of the country. Seafood dishes are particularly popular here, in addition to tasting other specialties of Italian cuisine. How much will such a pleasure cost? Current prices at Sardinia Ristorante in Posada are:

– appetizer set – 20 euros
– seafood salad – 15 euros
– shrimp cocktail – 10 euros
– salad with bottarga and celery – 12 euros
– tuna with pompano – 12 euros
– mussels and moules in garlic and tomatoes – 12 euros
– moules in marinara sauce – 10 euros
– shrimp in tempura – 12 euros
– spaghetti with tomato sauce – 15 euros
– spaghetti with mussels – 12 euros
– spaghetti bottarga – 12 euros
– spaghetti with mullets – 15 euros
– grilled fish – 12 euros
– fried calamari – 15 euros
– charcuterie board – 8 euros
– salad with mozzarella and tomatoes – 8 euros
– carpaccio di manzo – 12 euros
– cheese board – 8 euros
– ravioli with tomato sauce – 10 euros
– cheese gnocchi with sauce – 12 euros
– grilled ribs – 13 euros
– tagliata with arugula and parmesan – 16 euros
– mixed salads – 4 euros
– grilled vegetables – 5 euros
– dessert – 5 euros

There are also plenty of restaurants with good food in Cagliari, and you can expect these prices in the coming season by visiting, for example, the Otium restaurant:

– salad with swordfish – 12 euros
– salad with shrimp – 12 euros
– salad with tuna – 12 euros
– Mediterranean-style octopus dish – 12 euros
– seafood appetizer – 18 euros
– cheese board – 9 euros
– fregola with seafood – 12.50 euros
– spaghetti with clams – 12.50 euros
– lobster with cherry tomatoes – 17 euros
– pasta with tuna and vegetables – 12.50 euros
– fried calamari with fries – 13 euros
– tuna steak – 16 euros
– grilled fish with seasonal side dishes – 17 euros
– baked fish with tomatoes – 15 euros
– beef steak with grilled or fresh vegetables – 19 euros
– focaccia – 4.50 euros
– hamburger with fresh vegetables – 5.50 euros
– toast – 2.50 euros

Street food is also well developed in Sardinia. In bars and stalls, dishes are much cheaper than in restaurants – a tasty meal can be had for a few euros, and there is often the option of ordering food for home delivery.

Prices in restaurants in Sardinia

Supermarket prices in Sardinia

Supermarkets are a great place to do major grocery shopping, in addition to the island’s smaller stores and markets. Grocery stores are open for quite a long time, even until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m., but during the day they close for two or three hours during siesta, usually between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. Shopping can be done at Lidl, among others, which offers reasonable prices and a wide selection of products:

– 1 kg of apples – €2.49
– a package of frozen calamari discs – 1.79 euros
– a package of provoletta cheese – 1.39 euros
– a dozen eggs – 1.99 euros
– sliced gouda (500 g) – 3.49 euros
– country cheese (300 g) – 1.19 euros
– tart mozzarella (500 g) – 3.49 euros
– bag of arugula – 1.49 euros
– smoked salmon (220 g) – 5.29 euros
– package of sliced mortadella (144 g) – 1.29 euros
– large package of processed cheese – 3.99 euros
– canned tuna (650 g) – 6.99 euros
– meat for a hamburger (2 x 100 g) – 1.29 euros
– chicken breast (400 g) – 3.49 euros
– package of cherry tomatoes (650 g) – 1.49 euros
– 1 kg of carrots – 1.19 euros
– 1 kg of grapes – 3.49 euros
– head of lettuce – 0.89 euros
– diced grana padano – 12.19 euros
– sheep’s milk cheese – 7.49 euros
– packet of pasta – 1.19 euros
– jar of green olives – 1.79 euros
– large jar of green pesto – 1.89 euros
– toasted bread – 0.45 euros
– arborio rice – 2.09 euros

In stores you can pay by card, but in the bazaars you will need cash. The only currency accepted in Sardinia is the euro. Prices in the markets are usually lower, although in places crowded with tourists it sometimes varies – it is worth looking for bazaars away from the main tourist centers, and choose those places where the island’s residents stock up.

Supermarket prices in Sardinia

Alcohol prices in Sardinia

Alcohol is generally available all over the island.It can be ordered in any restaurant, and the largest selection is, of course, for wines. It is also easy to stock up on alcohol in local stores. The cheapest wines are available in markets for 1.50 – 3 euros. Wines from reputable vineyards are worth several times more. You can get a beer from a local brewery for about 0.79 euros, beers from international concerns cost in the range of 2-3 euros. For a bottle of sparkling wine you pay less than 3 euros, for a bottle of vodka you have to spend about 14 euros. The average price of the popular prosecco is 2.89 euros.

Accommodation prices in Sardinia

The hotel base in Sardinia is best developed along the coast, because that’s where most tourists seek accommodation. In Cagliari a room of average standard costs in the range of 100 euros, but you can also find cheaper hostels, with rates of 30-40 euros per night. Luxury apartments, such as Le Palmette Suites on the seafront, cost from 280 euros upwards. Even further south on the island, for example, at the 4-star Eliantos Hotel & Spa, you’ll pay around 180 euros per night. At a 5-star hotel, such as Baia di Chia Resort Sardinia, a night costs more than 450 euros. In San Teodoro on the east coast you can find accommodations for as little as 70-80 euros, and cheap camping by the beach costs an average of 40-50 euros per night.

What does a long-term rental look like? In a small town a dozen kilometers from the sea, such as Villaputzu or Sassari, an apartment can be rented for as little as 180 euros a month. In a better location, the monthly rent averages 1200-1500 euros.

Hotels are a little cheaper in the winter season, when relatively few tourists come to Sardinia. The weather is then, of course, not as good as in summer, but you can still enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Prices in Sicily are even lower in winter – comparing temperatures, Sicily is warmer, but it is in Sardinia where it rains less during the winter months.

Public transportation in Sardinia

The bus network is quite well developed, so you can visit the entire island without renting a car.The main transfer points are located in Cagliari, Alghero, Sassari, Olbia, Nuoro, Iglesias and Oristano.Bus tickets can be purchased at selected bars and trafiki.A single ticket costs €0.50 in the urban zone, €1 in the suburban zone and €5 for intercity travel.A day ticket for any number of trips costs 3.50 euros.Buses run frequently, but not always according to the schedule posted at the bus stop, especially outside the tourist season.

The Cagliari Metro runs regularly throughout the day.A 90-minute ticket costs €1.30. A 12-ride ticket can be purchased for 10 euros. Tickets are available from vending machines at bus stops.There is also the option of traveling around Sardinia by rental car, but it is worth bearing in mind that during the holiday season there is often a problem with the availability of free cars, and to be safe it is better to book a vehicle well in advance.An interesting alternative to land travel is to move from city to city by sea – tourists can buy a ferry ticket or rent a private boat.

Real estate prices in Sardinia

The range of prices for apartments and houses in Sardinia is very wide, as there are both modest units for tens of thousands and elegant villas for several million euros.You can get a new apartment in a prestigious location in Cagliari for about 470 thousand euros, and a smaller apartment near the city center costs 190-200 thousand euros. A small house with a sea view is available for about 370 thousand euros.

On the northern coast of Sardinia, real estate is more expensive, and when looking for an apartment close to the sea you have to expect to spend at least 260-290 thousand euros.Stylish properties in the vicinity of the beach cost an average of 600-800 thousand euros. For a villa with a swimming pool you need to spend about 2.5 million euros or more.A nice country house near one of Sardinian nature parks will cost 360-450 thousand euros.

Prices of souvenirs in Sardinia

You can get traditional fabrics and clothes at any market – their prices vary widely, from a dozen to even several hundred euros a piece.The same is true for the prices of traditional Sardinian jewelry – you will manage to find earrings or a bracelet here for less than 10 euros, but intricately decorated jewelry made of precious metals will cost much more.

Wooden carnival masks are one of the most interesting traditions in Sardinia, so it is not surprising that such souvenirs are in great demand despite the rather high prices – a handmade mask costs 40-60 euros.Other products characteristic of Sardinia are cork decorations, available for just a few euros.A dozen euros is the price of handmade baskets, and on local ceramics you can spend both 5-10 euros and an amount several times greater.

Of the food items, it is worth buying locally the famous botarga, or dried fish roe, which is added to various dishes, and Sardinian wine. There is also a huge selection of natural cosmetics based on sea salt.

Gold prices in Sardinia

Gold in Sardinia can be purchased for nearly 70 euros per gram.This is the rate for 24K gold.22K gold costs 64 euros per gram, and 18K gold costs just over 52 euros.1 kg of 24K gold is worth nearly 70,000 euros in Sardinia.Prices of tours in SardiniaSardinia abounds in tourist attractions, and not only in high season.Admission to Sardinian national parks is free, but it is absolutely necessary to follow the rules and regulations.There are also a couple of archaeological complexes here – you usually don’t have to pay anything to see them. Ancient ruins are scattered all over the island, but they are easily accessible by bus.Other popular activities, for which you already have to pay, are:

– cruise along the coast of Baunei – about 60 euros
– a tour of the La Maddalena archipelago – about 50 euros
– snorkeling and dolphin watching in Olbia – about 60 euros
– kayaking at Cara Moresca beach – about 45 euros
– catamaran cruise in Porto Conte Natural Park – about 155 euros
– tour of the Cagliari underworld – about 25 euros
– culinary classes on a Sardinian farm – approx. 100 euros
– visit to a vineyard + tasting of cheese, wine and cured meats – approx. 90 euros

How much money to take to Sardinia?

A budget week-long vacation in Sardinia can be arranged for 500-600 euros, but if you count on greater comforts, a stay for 7 days will cost at least a thousand euros. Adding to this the outings to restaurants, excursions, souvenirs, transportation, will come out on average 1500-2000 euros. Banks in Sardinia work from Monday to Friday. ATMs are plentiful, card payments are possible in most places.


Is it expensive in Sardinia?

Sardinia is affordable, and you don’t have to spend a fortune at all for your dream vacation. In high season, a stay here will come out cheaper than in Corsica or in big Italian cities like Rome or Milan.

Is it cheap in Sardinia?

In Sardinia you can spend a vacation for reasonable money, however, vacations in a similar standard will be cheaper, for example in Greece or Croatia.

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