Prices in Mallorca – in restaurants and of food in supermarkets. Cost of living

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Mallorca is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Balearic archipelago. Its largest city, and also its capital, is Palma. For many years Mallorca has been very popular among tourists, mainly because of its beautiful beaches and pleasant weather. The population of people who have decided to live on Mallorca is also increasing. However, how much does such a stay on the island cost?

Prices in restaurants on Mallorca

Mallorca is known for its very well-developed tourist base, including when it comes to gastronomy. In Palma de Mallorca, you can take a look at the inexpensive Ombu restaurant, with a wide range of tapas, lunch and breakfast dishes. Current prices at Ombu, at 2024, are:

– tomato sandwiches – 4 euros
– sandwiches with tomato and cheese – 6 euros
– sandwiches with local ham and tomatoes – 8.50 euros
– toast with nuts, avocado, hummus and sprouts – 7.50 euros
– brioche with scrambled eggs and salad – 8.50 euros
– bagels with avocado, feta, eggs and salmon – 9.50 euros
– pancakes with blueberries, cream and maple syrup – €7.50
– croissant – 2.25 euros
– fresh fruit portion – 7 euros
– poultry fingers with baked potatoes – 6.50 euros
– mini-burger with potatoes – 6.50 euros
– portion of cheesecake – 8.50 euros
– croquette with chicken – 3 euros
– tuna and wasabi cone – 7 euros
– steak with truffles – 19.50 euros
– patatas bravas – 8.50 euros
– roasted eggplant with parmesan and pecans – 15 euros
– lasagna with pork – 16 euros

Outside the capital, in Cales de Mallorca, prices are quite similar. Restaurante Mallorca has meals available at:

– spaghetti with seafood – 8.50 euros
– spaghetti bolognese – 6.50 euros
– spaghetti carbonara – 7.90 euros
– lasagne – 7.90 euros
– cannelloni – 7.90 euros
– pizza – 6.95-7.90 euros
– tomato soup – 4.90 euros
– cream of mushroom soup – 4.90 euros
– tortilla – 5.90 euros
– salad with vegetables – 5.20 euros
– omelet with side dishes – 5.90 euros
– grilled fish with side dishes – 12.90 euros

The Crow’s Nest has a lot of meat dishes and local dishes:

– dish with beans, chorizo and stewed vegetables – 15,90 euros
– chicken with local vegetables – 16,90 euros
– lamb with curry – 24.90 euros
– seafood with tomato sauce and herbs – 19.90 euros
– grilled ribs – 19.90 euros
– octopus rings – 23.90 euros
– beef steak with side dishes – €32.90
– fish and French fries – 12.90 euros
– roast pork with onions – 19.90 euros
– salad with chicken – 15.90 euros
– salad with salmon – 15.90 euros
– pasta with tomatoes and parmesan – 12.90 euros

Prices in restaurants on Mallorca

Prices of food in supermarkets in Mallorca

When spending your vacation in Mallorca, you can also prepare your own meals. There is not much trouble with this, because even in small towns there are grocery stores and local markets with fresh food, so it is possible to buy everything you need. Prices in stores in Mallorca are rather not exorbitant, especially if you shop in the cheapest chain stores such as Lidl. For basic products you have to pay:

– 1.29 euros per kg of tomatoes
– 1.50 euros for avocados
– 1.49 euros for a kg of yams
– 0.79 euros for a package of mixed salads
– 3.49 euros meat for burgers (6 servings)
– 2.39 euros for a package of shrimp
– 1.29 euros for a kilo of peaches
– 0.55 euros for a can of local beer
– 1.99 euros for a large package of eggs
– 0.89 euros for a liter of juice
– 0.75 euros for a bottle of tomato sauce
– 1.59 euros for a bottle of Spanish wine
– 0.99 euros for a kg of mushrooms
– 3.29 euros per kg of chicken breasts
– 3.99 euros for a package of squid
– 0.78 euros for a jar of pickled vegetables
– 1.09 euros for a package of pasta
– 1.19 euros for a can of beans
– 1.35 euros for a two-pack of yogurt
– 1.29 for a packet of rice

It is most convenient to pay in cash in stores, but payment cards are also honored in many places. Throughout the island, payments are made in euros and it will be rather difficult to pay for purchases in another currency. So before you leave, it’s a good idea to check your bank’s currency conversion options and bring enough cash with you.

food prices in majorca

Accommodation prices in Mallorca

Hotels in Mallorca are well-maintained and of varying standards, making it easy to find accommodation at an affordable price. When to go to Mallorca to pay the least? Of course, in the off-season, because then the prices in hotels can drop by several tens of percent, on top of that there is a higher availability of the best rooms. Winter in Mallorca is mild and much more pleasant than in Poland and most of Europe, but you can not swim in the sea at this time, but you can explore the island and sail, although conditions are more difficult than in summer. Holidays in high season are good to plan in advance. In the capital, a hotel night costs:

– about 60 euros for medium-standard resorts- about 100-140 euros for a stay in a 4* or 5* hotel- About 290 PLN for renting an apartment in the city center

In the hinterland of the island it’s cheaper, at about 160-180 zł per night, but then you have to reckon with a longer drive to the beach. On the east coast of Mallorca, you can rent a room for about 50 euros, for example, at the Amena Mer Hotel. In the north of the island, the rates are similar and you should have no trouble finding accommodation for less than 300 zł per day.

Importantly, this is not the final price for accommodation. In many regions of Spain you don’t have to pay tourist tax, but the tourist tax in Mallorca has been in effect for several years and after recent increases is:

– 1 euro per night in a hostel or campervan- 2 euros for a night in a low-end hotel and a stay on a cruise ship- 3 euros for an overnight stay in a mid-range hotel- 4 euros for an overnight stay in a luxury hotel

Prices of public transportation in Mallorca

The cheapest form of transportation in Mallorca are city and suburban buses.By public transport you can get around the entire island and reach beaches and other tourist attractions.Buses run between 6:30 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., although it is better to check the exact schedule on the spot.Ticket prices are:- 2 euros for a single ride
– 15 euros for a card for 10 rides
– 3 euros for a ride from the airport to the capital

Children under the age of 5 travel for free.

In addition to buses, Palma de Mallorca has a metro service, and a ticket costs €1.80 per ride. A bus ride between different towns costs between 3 and 13.50 euros, depending on the distance.Moving by cab comes out much more expensive, as does renting a car.

How much does it cost to live in Mallorca

The average cost of living on the island is 800 euros, and for a family with a child it will be an expense of 2600-2800 euros. However, if rental housing is added, the cost increases by a minimum of 850 euros per month, depending on the location and standard.

Tourists have to spend about 1,000 euros per month for their stay, provided that you manage to find cheap accommodation, within 500-600 euros. Cooking on your own comes out cheapest, and you need to spend at least 200 euros on restaurant outings – in more expensive establishments it will be more, of course. The price of a vacation will also increase the price of renting a car, because per day you pay 80-120 euros for such a service, and a liter of fuel costs about 1.40 euros.

Real estate prices in Mallorca

In 2023, the average price ma m2 of a house in Mallorca was 3700 euros, and in general, the purchase of real estate in the Balearic Islands comes out more expensive than in the rest of Spain – prices are comparable only with Madrid and the most fashionable seaside resorts on the Costa del Sol. Prices for apartments in Mallorca start at 150 thousand euros, but in more attractive locations, close to the sea, it will be at least 250 thousand euros.

Ticket prices for attractions in Mallorca

Mallorca is not only fabulous beaches.There are quite a few interesting sights and places worth seeing on the island, and the prices of these attractions are not exorbitant.Currently, the prices of attractions are:

– entrance to the cathedral in Palma de Mallorca – about 10 euros.
– tour of the Cuevas de Génova caves – about 15 euros- tour of La Almudaina Palace – about 10 euros- entrance to the oceanarium in Palma – about 25 euros

Prices of optional excursions in Mallorca

The most popular optional excursions involve sightseeing, mainly in the island’s capital, and sea activities, such as a cruise on the Balearic Islands, a banana boat ride, a tour of caves in kayaks. Prices for such tours depend on the specific travel agency, but it is also possible to buy participation in an expedition organized locally, by local guides. Prices start from 40 euros per person.

Prices of optional excursions in Mallorca

Is it cheap in Mallorca?

It is cheaper than in many resorts in France, Italy and mainland Spain.You can lower the cost of your stay by staying in cheaper hotels and arriving outside the peak season.

Is it expensive in Mallorca?

Mallorca is not the cheapest island, but it is possible to relax here for reasonable money. Prices in Mallorca are highest in July and August.
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