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Ibiza is an island belonging to Spain’s Balearic archipelago. It lies in the Mediterranean Sea, quite close to mainland Spain, and has attracted crowds of tourists for many years, mainly for its idyllic beaches, picturesque towns, pleasant climate and nightlife. Many Ibiza has charmed so much that they have decided to live on the island. However, how much is the cost of living in Ibiza?

Prices in restaurants in Ibiza

Ibiza is not one of the cheapest places, so if you plan to spend your vacation here, it is worth preparing a large enough budget. Fortunately, in addition to expensive restaurants, there are also cheaper options, so you can have a good dinner in Ibiza for reasonable money. At Nice Ibiza Restaurant, the menu for 2024 is as follows:

– salmon and avocado tartare – 12 euros
– croquettes with ham – 7 euros
– croquettes with cheese – 7 euros
– nachos with chilli con carne – 8 euros
– fried calamari with fries – 11.50 euros
– chicken wings with fries – 9 euros
– moules – 11 euros
– melon with ham – 9 euros
– croutons with ham, cheese and tomato – 14 euros
– hummus with vegetables – 9.50 euros
– Bikini sandwich with ham and cheese – 4.50 euros
– Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich – 6 euros
– Tuna sandwich – 6 euros
– Club Nice sandwich (bacon, chicken, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise) – 8 euros
– Club Mediterraneo sandwich (salmon, cheese, lettuce, avocado) – 8 euros
– Champi sandwich (chicken, pickled mushrooms, brie, lettuce) – 9 euros
– Vegetal sandwich with avocado – 9 euros
– Baguette with ham and cheese – 5.50 euros
– Baguette with ham and tomato – 7.50 euros
– baguette with pork, caramelized ccebul and cheese – 9 euros
– toast with marmalade – 4 euros
– toast with bacon and eggs – 5.50 euros
– toast with cheese – 4 euros
– toast with ham – 4.90 euros
– toast with cream cheese and avocado – 6.50 euros
– company breakfast (toast, bacon, sausages, eggs, beans) – 7 euros
– continental breakfast – 4.50 euros
– yogurt with muesli – 5.50 euros
– omelet with ham or cheese – 7.50 euros
– Greek breakfast (muesli, fruit) – 8 euros
– classic hamburger – 9 euros
– Cabrita hamburger – 12 euros
– New York hamburger – 13 euros
– Diabla hamburger – 13 euros
– Tex-Mex hamburger – 13 euros
– salad with goat cheese, fruit and nuts – 10 euros
– salad with salmon, avocado and lettuce – 12.50 euros
– salad with mozzarella – 8.50 euros
– Cesar salad – 10.50 euros
– salad with tuna – 10.50 euros
– grilled vegetables – 9.50 euros
– lasagna – 13 euros
– pasta with seafood – 13 euros
– pasta with tomato sauce – 8 euros
– spaghetti bolonesa – 9 euros
– spaghetti carbonara – 10.50 euros
– gnocchi with pesto – 13 euros
– pad thai – 13 euros

prices in ibiza

Another place to enjoy a delicious meal is Yemanja Beach Restaurant.This is an ideal place for those who would like to taste seafood and local cuisine.The menu includes:

– grilled shrimp – €15.50
– La Parrillada (grilled fish and seafood with vegetables) – 45 euros
– Bullit De Peix (fish with potatoes and aioli sauce) – 45.50 euros
– oysters – 7 euros
– ceviche – 9 euros
– Oven-baked fish – 8.90 – 12.50 euros, depending on the species
– mussels – 31 euros
– shrimp in garlic sauce – 31,50 euros
– Iberian ham with bread and tomatoes – 38.50 euros
– carpaccio of sea bass – 28.50 euros
– mules – 25 euros
– Andalusian-style roulades – 25.50 euros
– carpaccio of beef – 27.50 euros
– octopus with potatoes and shallots – 28 euros
– Skirt Wagyu Steak – 18.80 euros
– Chef’s steak – 29.50 euros
– Chicken with citrus – 31 euros
– Paella de Waygu y Ceps – 47 euros
– Fideua Ibicenca – 33.50 euros
– paella with fish and seafood – 39 euros
– paella with shrimp – 31.50 euros
– paella with seasonal vegetables – 25 euros
– paella Yemanja – 33 euros
– paella Mixta – 35 euros
– spaghetti with seafood – 31 euros
– spaghetti with shrimp – 30.50 euros
– salad with tuna – 27.50 euros
– Greek salad – 25 euros
– salad with salmon and goat cheese – 29 euros
– salad with shrimp – 28.50 euros
– caprese salad – 24.50 euros
– Caesar Yemanja salad – 28 euros

Prices of groceries in stores in Ibiza

When spending your vacation in Ibiza, you can also prepare your own meals.Grocery stores operate all over the island, as do markets, and food prices are relatively low if you shop at cheap chain stores like Lidl. How much do you have to spend on groceries? Basic products cost:

– 1kg of tomatoes – 1.49 euros
– 600 g package of chicken breast – 3.39 euros
– mozzarella (125 g) – 0.69 euros
– a package of ground meat (500 g) – 2.79 euros
– 1 kg of oranges – 1.99 euros
– avocado – 2.49 euros
– package of blueberries (250 g) – 2.49 euros
– frozen seafood – 3.39 euros
– pancetta (550 g) – 3.29 euros
– package of barbecue sausages – 2.49 euros
– package of beef (500 g) – 5.19 euros
– package of gnocchi – 0.89 euros
– guacamole – 1.29 euros
– a package of olives – 1.09 euros
– 1 kg of peppers – 1.99 euros
– 1 kg of apples – 1.39 euros
– bottle of local wine – 1.89 euros
– jar of tomato sauce – 1.59 euros
– pickled asparagus – 1.69 euros
– can of corn – 0.89 euros
– 1 kg of mushrooms – 0.99 euros
– large natural yogurt – 0.30 euros
– jar of pesto – 2.29 euros
– canned beans – 0.79 euros
– bottle of oil (5 l) – 6.75 euros
– a package of margarine for bread – 1.39 euros
– a package of shrimp (250 g) – 2.39 euros
– a net of potatoes (5 kg) – 3.99 euros
– a package of pasta – 1.29 euros
– loaf of bread – 1.09 euros

Throughout Ibiza, the prevailing currency is the euro. Card payments are accepted in most stores, in bazaars you can usually only pay in cash.

Accommodation prices in Ibiza

Ibiza is a very popular tourist destination, with excellent accommodation facilities. Hotels in Ibiza come in a variety of standards, and if you’re planning a flight with a small child it’s worth booking into a family-friendly resort, which provide guests with a variety of amenities, such as a feeding table or crib – in most places, baby accessories are lent to hotel guests for free.

A standard overnight stay in Ibiza, in a hotel close to the sea, costs about 280-370 PLN per night. In the hinterland of the island you can find a room for as little as 150 PLN, but then there are usually additional costs for getting to the beach. The price of renting a vacation home, for example, in Can Palau, is about 2500 euros per night – this is the rate for a group of 10 people. A single room in the secluded villa Agroturismo Can Pere Sord costs 547 PLN per night for two people.

An overnight stay at the luxurious five-star Hotel Rural & Spa Can Curreu in San Carlos costs around PLN1,500 per night, and the price includes airport transfer, wi-fi, air conditioning, toiletries. At the Ses Estaques Hotel, in Santa Eulària des Riu, you’ll have to pay about PLN 650 per night, and guests have access to a swimming pool, private beach, free wi-fi, free parking and numerous entertainment options. The price is augmented by Ibiza’s tourist tax, the amount of which depends on the standard of the accommodation and the date of stay – rates start at €1 for hostels, and for 5* hotels the fee is €4.

When to go to Ibiza to pay the least? Accommodation prices will vary widely depending on the time of year. Winter in Ibiza is the period of least tourist traffic and the tourist fee is reduced by 75% during this time. It is also cheaper than in the high season in late autumn and early spring.

Public transportation prices in Ibiza

You can get around Ibiza by local buses.There are as many as 34 lines, and most buses leave from the towns of Ibiza, Santa Eulària des Riu, Sant Antoni de Portmany. The ticket price depends on the route:

– Ibiza – San Antonio – 2,10 euros.
– Ibiza – Santa Eulalia – 1.85 euros
– Ibiza – Las Salinas – 2 euros
– Ibiza – airport – 3.20 euros

Buses in Ibiza are not always punctual, so many tourists choose to rent a car – this is a more expensive option, but gives you more freedom. A small city car can be had for as little as 5 euros per day, a comfortable family car costs an average of 8-9 euros per day, and an SUV costs about 15 euros.

What is the cost of living in Ibiza?

The cost of accommodation in Ibiza can be even higher than in Barcelona or Madrid, although this depends on the location and the date of your stay.A studio in a seaside town costs about €2,000 per month, and the farther out to sea, the easier it is to get a cheaper deal.For renting a three-room apartment, you pay an average of 2,300 euros a month plus utilities.
You have to spend at least 300-400 euros on food, and going out to a restaurant costs two people about 30 euros or more if it’s an expensive, posh establishment. While in Ibiza, it’s also hard not to check out the local clubs, for which the island is famous – such entertainment costs 30-100 euros, depending on the place, for drinks you pay about 10-25 euros. For water sports you need to spend about 50-150 euros.

Prices of real estate in Ibiza

Properties in Ibiza are bought by both investors and people who want to live on the island or spend more time here.A two-bedroom apartment with a sea view in Santa Eularia Des Riu costs a minimum of €1 million, with small houses in the province at a similar price. A villa with a pool costs about 2-3 million euros, with luxury estates going for as much as 20-30 million euros. The most expensive city is the island’s capital, Ibiza – apartment prices start at 570 thousand euros.

Prices of tourist attractions in Ibiza

Most of the historic buildings in the island’s capital can be viewed for free is the Dalt Vila district with the famous Cathedral of the Divine Mask on the city’s hill.Admission to the churches is free, just be sure to dress appropriately and not visit the temple during services.Ibiza’s beautiful beaches and nature reserves are also open to the public.
Other Ibiza attractions include:

– Puig des Molins necropolis – free entrance, a ticket to the museum at the necropolis costs €2.40
– Can Marça caves – 12 euros (7 euros for children)
– Torre de ses Portes – free entrance

Prices for optional excursions in Ibiza

What can you do in Ibiza?Of course, relax on the beach, but this is not the only attraction.The island has a lot to offer. Be sure to check out one of the markets, where the products of local artisans are sold, and explore Ibiza’s old town, either on your own or with a guide.
Other Ibiza attractions include:

– a full-day cruise around the island – about 70 euros
– evening cruise with diving – about 65 euros
– a party on a yacht – about 100 euros
– catamaran trip to Formentera – about 140 euros
– Adventure Ibiza (snorkeling, kayaking, SUP) – approx. 80 euros
– Excursion to Es Vedra – approx. 90 euros
– Ibiza quad bike ride – approx. 130 euros


Is Ibiza cheap?

Ibiza is not as cheap as the Greek or Croatian islands, but on the other hand, you can spend your vacation here cheaper than, for example, on the south coast of France.

What is cheap in Ibiza?

Despite the rather high prices, in Ibiza it is possible to buy Spanish wines and seafood at a favorable price.
Is Ibiza expensive?
Ibiza is quite expensive, and average prices here are higher than in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.

What is expensive in Ibiza?

The most expensive things in Ibiza are accommodation and renting or buying property.



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