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Prices in Gran Canaria. Cost of living in Gran Canaria

prices in gran canaria
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Gran Canaria is an island located near the northwestern coast of Africa, but administratively belongs to Spain – it is part of the Canary Islands archipelago. For years, Gran Canaria has been a very popular tourist destination, mainly because of its magnificent beaches, and Gran Canaria’s pleasant climate makes a lot of people decide to move here. However, how much does it cost to stay in Gran Canaria?

Prices in restaurants in Gran Canaria

There are plenty of restaurants in Gran Canaria, and prices depend on location, type of cuisine served, standard of service, and popularity with tourists.Specialties of local cuisine can be tasted, for example, at La Cocina de Hande, in the popular resort of Maspalomas, open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. On the menu is a wide range of tapas, or famous Spanish snacks – they cost about 7.50-9.50 euros. Seafood dishes are more expensive – you have to pay 14 euros for octopus, the same price for squid served with Canary potatoes and salad. Toast is priced from 6.50 to 8 euros, and a stuffed omelet can be ordered for 9-12 euros. Dessert (cheesecake, brownie, yogurt with fruit) is an additional 4.5-5.5 euros.

At the Columbus restaurant, in San Bartolome de Tirajana, an appetizer can be ordered for as little as 2 euros. Soups cost approx. 4.50-5.50 euros, and for a salad you pay about 6.50-8.50 euros. Meat dishes cost between 9 and 17 euros. In addition to local cuisine, there are traditional pasta dishes, priced at 7.50-9.50 euros, and pizza, priced at 7.50-9.95 euros. In Las Palmas, Amélie Green is worth a look. Lunch here can be had for as little as €3.50, and tropical-style and seafood salads cost €9.50. Fish dishes can be ordered for about 13.50 euros. There are also various desserts, including vegan ones, priced at around 4.5-5 euros.

Food prices in stores in Gran Canaria

While in the Canary Islands, you can also take care of your own meals.There is no big problem with this, because even in small towns there are well-stocked supermarkets and local grocery stores.

A kilogram of chicken breast costs about 7-8 euros at the store.You can get a carton of milk for less than a euro, while a kilo of local cheese is around 8-10 euros.A dozen eggs costs 2.75-3 euros, and for a kilo of potatoes you have to pay 1.50 euros.

Prices of other popular food products:

– a kilogram of tomatoes – 1,90 euros
– a kilogram of apples – 2 euros
– a loaf of bread – 0.90 euros
– a kilogram of onions – 2.50 euros
– a package of rice – 1.50 euros
– kilogram of cold meat – 6.50-14 euros
– kilogram of cottage cheese – 5 euros

In Gran Canaria, the applicable currency is the euro. Card payments are processed in most stores.

Accommodation prices in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has a very well-developed accommodation base. Hotels in Gran Canaria are of varying standards, which, of course, translates into their price, and an attractive location is an additional factor that raises the price. When to fly to Gran Canaria to pay less?Prices fall primarily in autumn and spring – the highest occupancy rates are during the holiday season and the Christmas period.

Winter in Gran Canaria is very pleasent. In Las Palmas, a room for two adults can be rented for as little as about 250 zloty per night, for example in Santa Ana Suite § Rooms, close to the historic center of the city.It’s also cheap at the Jungle House apartments – about PLN 200 per night.Room facilities are quite modest, but it is very close to the beach and other attractions of Las Palmas.Before renting a room, be sure to check whether food is included in the price.

In the south of the island, in Maspalomas, the cheapest option is tourist accommodation, at a price of about 165-250 PLN per night, but you have to reckon with a longer walk to the beach and a more modest selection of eating establishments in the immediate area.Vacations of a higher standard can be spent, for example, in the Riu Palace Maspalomas Hotel, with a swimming pool, wifi, facilities for children – the price per night is about PLN 1160. Slightly cheaper is the five-star hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras – about 850 zł per night. The hotel stands very close to the sea and the Dunas de Maspalomas park, is modernly decorated and provides guests with Internet access. The tourist tax in Gran Canaria does not apply, so no additional costs are added to the price of accommodation.

If you plan to fly with a small child, you need to find out whether the hotel provides such amenities as a crib and a highchair – usually such accessories are available for free.

Public transportation prices in Gran Canaria

Monuments in Gran Canaria are not only in the capital, but also in other towns.You can get to them by public transportation.From Las Palmas de Gran Canaria you can take a bus to Firgas, Arucas, Tejeda, Valleseco, Telde, Maspalomas, among others.Public transportation also reaches the airport.The price of a single ticket depends on the route. A ride on the city route costs 1.40 euros, TransGC Card holders pay 1.08-1.17 euros. Intercity transportation prices are higher, for example, for the route from Las Palmas to Puerto Rico you pay 5.45 euros. For frequent travel, it pays to buy a card for 10 euros, valid for 30 days.

Buses run throughout the day, but if you want more freedom, consider renting a car. Car rentals operate in every tourist destination, and the average price of such a service is 125 zloty per day. Cabs are also a popular means of transportation, but this is an option primarily for short routes, because for long distances a cab trip comes out very expensive.

How much is the cost of living in Gran Canaria?

Costs in Gran Canaria vary depending on location.It will be more expensive in the popular tourist destinations, but even in Las Palmas, prices for food, lodging and transportation are lower than in Madrid or Barcelona, for example.In smaller towns, farther from the sea, it’s even cheaper.

An income that allows you to live comfortably is about €2,100.An apartment in Gran Canaria can be rented for as little as 600-700 euros a month.A larger apartment, for a family with children, costs 900-1300 euros per month, depending on the standard.For food you need to spend an average of 270-400 euros.And how much money does a tourist need?You need to spend at least 30 eur per day for your stay, including accommodation, food and simple entertainment.An overnight stay at a higher standard raises expenses to as much as 120 euros per day. If the hotel is not all-inclusive, eating out will cost an average of 30-50 euros per day per person. Water sports are an expense of 70-150 euros per day.

Property prices in Gran Canaria

Buying a property in the Canary Islands is an option not only for investors, but also for people who want to move to Gran Canaria or spend their retirement there. The average price per square meter in Gran Canaria is €2,130. The cheapest is in Firgas, where a standard apartment can be purchased for 84,500 euros. In Telde, the average price for a two-bedroom apartment is 250,000 euros.In Las Palmas, an apartment with a sea view costs 3,000 euros per square meter.A four-bedroom house in Tafira Alta can be purchased for 480 thousand euros, and a stylish apartment at Playa del Ingles for about 275 thousand euros.

Ticket prices for tourist attractions in Gran Canaria

In Las Palmas, many historic sites are free to enter.A ticket to the Casa de Colon, or Christopher Columbus Museum, costs 4 euros, and a discounted ticket costs 2 euros.You also don’t have to pay anything to visit Gran Canaria’s popular gorges and mountain trails. Meanwhile, other paid entertainment on the island includes:

– camel ride through the Maspalomas dunes – 16 euros.
– catamaran cruise and dolphin watching – about 75 euros
– entrance to Cocodrilo Park – about 10 euros
– entrance to Palmitos Park (botanical garden and zoo) – about 35 euros
– submarine tour in Puerto de Mogan – about 38 euros

Also worth seeing are the local markets and stalls where handmade jewelry is sold.

Prices for optional tours in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is not a very large island, so even during a short week’s vacation it is possible to go around it all.You can organize a trip on your own, but a more convenient solution are often optional tours, also available in last minute offers, although you have to pay extra for them.

The best are tours organized in small groups, during which you can see the most interesting places in Gran Canaria.Prices for such tours start at 70 euros per person, and with additional attractions, such as wine tasting, the cost can rise to 100 euros per day.

Is it cheap in Gran Canaria?

It's cheaper than in Germany, the UK or Italy. Prices are similar in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, for example. It's also cheaper than in Scandinavia.

What's cheap in Gran Canaria?

Most products. You can eat cheaply in a restaurant, buy alcohol or products in a supermarket. All you have to do is find the right place.

Is Gran Canaria expensive?

No, it is one of the cheapest places for a warm vacation in Europe.

What's expensive in Gran Canaria?

Relatively expensive are real estate and rental properties.
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