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prices in egypt
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Egypt tempts tourists with great weather, fabulous beaches and plenty of sights. It’s a great place for both lazy relaxation by the sea and active sports, and something for themselves will find here and singles, and families with children or large groups of friends. How much will such a vacation in Egypt cost? It depends on how and where we intend to spend our vacation.

Is Egypt expensive?

Prices in Egypt are not very exorbitant, although, of course, in popular tourist resorts like Hurghada will be more expensive than in a province rarely visited by tourists. However, it may be difficult for those planning very cheap vacations, as in 2022 the Egyptian government introduced minimum rates for overnight stays – in one-star accommodations the cheapest hotel night costs $10, and in hotels with 3 stars rates start at $30 per night. In 2024, you may see another increase in the price of accommodation and tourist attractions, but still life in Egypt is relatively cheap, especially for tourists from developed countries. Internet in Egypt works well, but instead of roaming, it is more cost-effective to buy an Egyptian prepaid card.

What to take to Egypt not to overpay on the spot? Food, cosmetics, cleaning products are things you can easily buy in Egyptian stores and drugstores, and their prices are usually lower – the exception may be products of hard-to-find brands.However, it is worth taking medicines with you, as there is often a problem with filling prescriptions, in addition, Egyptian medicines are often not certified, so there is no certainty about their composition and safety. As for remedies for “Pharaoh’s revenge” and other stomach ailments that afflict many tourists, you can cheaply get effective Antinal on the spot.

Egypt’s currency is the Egyptian pound – EGP, which is divided into 100 piasters. One Egyptian pound is about 0.02 U.S. dollars.

Prices in restaurants in Egypt

During holidays in Egypt, it is certainly worth a look at local restaurants to taste local culinary specialties. Dining establishments in Egypt are unlikely to scare you with their prices. For example, in Koshara El Tahrir for 105 Egyptian pounds you can order dinner for three people, a larger set for a family of five costs about 180 pounds. At Arabiata restaurant, a traditional Egyptian meal is available for 70-95 EGP. Slightly more expensive are meat dishes at Abou Shakra – 160-250 EGP, and dishes with rice – 120-150 EGP.

At Botanico, each dish can also be ordered for take-out, and their prices are:

– Oriental breakfast (falafel, tahini, salad, baladi cheese, eggs, dressing, bread) – 155 EGP
– Botanico corporate breakfast (eggs with side dishes, toast, juice) – 220 EGP
– eggs benedict – 220 EGP
– nasi goreng – 220 EGP
– shakshuka – 165 EGP
– minestrone – 55 EGP
– carrot soup – 60 EGP
– seafood soup – 130 EGP
– sandwich with beef and side dishes – 200 EGP
– quesadilla with chicken – 150 EGP
– Imperial burger – 225 EGP
– vegetarian wrap – 145 EGP
– fajita with chicken – 150 EGP
– fajita with beef – 170 EGP
– salad with tuna – 140 EGP
– salad with grilled beef – 175 EGP
– salad with shrimp – 220 EGP
– seafood pizza – 200 EGP
– pizza Botanico – 200 EGP
– spaghetti bolognese – 195 EGP
– pasta with shrimp – 200 EGP

Those who are not particularly fond of exotic cuisine can look to popular fast-food chains like McDonalds, where the menu is almost the same as in America or Europe. Depending on the ingredients, a wrap or sandwich costs 16-37 Egyptian pounds, and the price of a set with fries and a drink is about 99 pounds.

Food prices in Egypt

Grocery stores are in every village.Their supply is generally good, so that preparing meals on your own in Egypt should not cause much trouble.In general, food prices are not high and currently amount to:

– a dozen eggs – 56 EGP
– a packet of pasta – 22-36 EGP (depending on the brand and type)
– 1kg of rice – 30 EGP
– 1kg chicken breast fillets – 190 EGP
– 1kg beef – 350 EGP
– 1kg of local cheese – 132 EGP
– carton of milk – 32 EGP
– loaf of bread – 14-20 EGP
– 1kg of potatoes – 14 EGP
– 1kg onions – 24 EGP
– 1kg tomatoes – 14 EGP
– 1 kg apples – 40 EGP
– 1 kg oranges – 17 EGP

Alcohol prices in Egypt

Egypt is a Muslim country, but the rules on alcohol consumption are not as restrictive as, for example, the United Arab Emirates.Alcoholic beverages can be purchased in a store as well as a drinking establishment, and the age limit for alcohol consumption is 21.The strict ban on the sale and purchase of alcohol applies only during Ramadan, but does not apply to tourists, who can still order drinks in hotel bars and selected restaurants. Ramadan in Egypt lasts 30 days and is a moving period.

How much does beer cost in Egypt? On average, about 50 Egyptian pounds. You can get a bottle of arrack for £175, a bottle of rum for EGP 115. Wine prices vary quite a bit, with the cheapest ones costing £300-350. For a bottle of vodka of a well-known brand you have to pay 400 EGP or more.

Prices of accommodation in Egypt

The hotel base in Egypt is very extensive and, in addition, diverse. For a stay in the Egyptian capital you can choose the five-star Grand Nile Tower, where a night (with breakfast) for a family with two children costs about $400. When visiting the pyramids of Giza, it’s worth staying at the Marvel Stone Hotel – a night there costs about $82 for a couple/family, or $52 for a night in a single. The price of accommodation includes airport transfer, wi-fi access, breakfast.

Hotels for snorkeling in Egypt are close to the sea and usually still have their own pools for guests. At Al-Dora Resort Hurghada, a family room is priced at around $79, a room for a couple costs less than $48.For an all-inclusive vacation in Sharm el Sheikh, such as at the Pickalbatros Palace, you pay an average of $200 per night.In Marsa Alama, the cheapest accommodations, such as the Rayhana Guest House, cost $50 per night for a double, but there are also hotels like the Iberotel Costa Mares, a five-star hotel, where prices start at $350 per night.

Public transportation prices in Egypt

Public transportation operates in all major cities and popular holiday resorts.Depending on the city, a single fare costs between 5 and 7 Egyptian pounds.For a monthly ticket, you pay about EGP 350. A convenient alternative to buses and commuter trains is a cab, which costs approx. 15 Egyptian pounds, and for each kilometer traveled you pay in Cairo 10 pounds, in Giza 7, in Hurghada 3.

Real estate prices in Egypt

As in any country, prices for apartments and houses in Egypt vary depending on location, square footage and standard. For a studio apartment in the city you have to pay about EGP 3-4 million, larger apartments cost EGP 7 million and more. In Cairo, you can buy a property in a good location for as little as EGP 5-6 million. For a house by the sea, the rates fluctuate around EGP 13 million, and in less attractive tourist destinations, away from the sea, prices are even half as much. For a luxury villa in Egypt you need to spend at least EGP 30 million.

Prices of souvenirs in Egypt

What to buy in Egypt as a souvenir or as a gift for loved ones?The choice of gadgets is really huge, and a large part of them is, of course, related to the ancient history of the country.Small trinkets, such as refrigerator magnets, openers, key rings, cost in the range of £30-50.Miniatures of sphinxes and pyramids, statues of Egyptian gods, figurines are more expensive, and can cost up to £400.The cheapest is in bazaars away from the tourist routes.
Another souvenir popularly bought in Egypt, the papyrus, costs at least £20-30, and those larger papyri, with intricate decorations, reach prices in the range of £400-500. Cheap, yet highly prized souvenirs from Egypt are still the local spices and sweets – in stores geared towards tourists the prices are the highest, while in local markets you can pay half as much for the same goods.

Gold prices in Egypt

In the Egyptian market you can buy both investment gold, in bars and bullion coins, as well as gold jewelry, which is highly valued for its beautiful designs.One ounce of gold costs about EGP 63,000.One gram of pure gold can be obtained for about EGP 2 thousand. Jewelry is quite a lot cheaper than jewelry products in Europe or America, but this mainly refers to ornaments sold in bazaars.

Prices of optional tours in Egypt

An Egyptian visa allows you to travel throughout the country, which is worth taking advantage of during your vacation.The best time to visit the country of the pharaohs is early spring, autumn and winter – in summer, during the peak season, for many people the temperatures are too high to travel in the desert.

Optional excursions may be included in the price of your vacation, but usually you have to buy them yourself, and it’s best to do it at local travel agencies.Prices for popular tours in Egypt are:

– Valley of the Kings – $78
– Luxor and the Valley of the Queens – $35
– quad tour in the desert – $21
– swimming in the sea with dolphins – $20
– tour of the pyramids and the Egyptian Museum – about $55 (included in the price is the flight from the resort to Cairo and back)

How much money to take to Egypt?

In Egypt you can pay by card, but in many places, especially in bazaars and local stores, you will need cash.You should also have money prepared for tips. Taking cash out of ATMs is possible, but it costs a lot, as a rather high commission is charged on each such operation.

The best solution, therefore, will be to exchange the national currency for Egyptian pounds or take dollars with you, which can easily be exchanged on the spot. Exactly how much will you need? It depends on the planned activities, so when setting your vacation budget you should take into account:

– Egyptian visa, which is paid upon entry ($25 per person, including a child)
– what you want to visit in Egypt and what optional tours you are planning
– buying souvenirs, on which you can spend up to several hundred dollars
– cash for tips (on average it is 1-2 dollars per service)
– going out on the town
– cigarettes (local brands are cheap, but the well-known ones can be really expensive)
– fuel prices and the cost of renting a car, if that’s how you want to get around the country

Is it expensive in Egypt?

The average cost of living in Egypt is not high, hotel prices and access to tourist attractions also do not strain the wallet too much.

Is it cheap in Egypt?

Prices of many products in Egypt are low, so that the vacation does not come out expensive.
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