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Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Spain. Tourists are attracted by its magnificent monuments, excellent cuisine and pleasant weather, and you can come here for a vacation at any time of the year. However, how much will such a stay in Barcelona cost? How do you plan your budget so that there is enough to live in Barcelona and access popular attractions?

Is Barcelona expensive?

When it comes to the cost of living in Barcelona, only Madrid is a more expensive city in Spain. Of course, prices vary from place to place – in the inner center the cost of accommodation will be much higher than on the outskirts of the city, and you still have to take into account the standard of the hotel or rental apartment.

In addition to this, tourists must include additional taxes in their expenses. Barcelona’s tourist tax is currently €3.75 for hostels and camping, €5 for a night’s stay in a rented apartment or house (e.g., Airbnb), €5.50 in 4-star hotels and €6.25 in hotels with 5 stars.Cruise participants pay €5.75 in tax per day of their stay in Barcelona.Children under the age of 16 are exempt from the tourist tax.

However, this does not mean that Barcelona is frighteningly expensive for travelers, because compared to other major cities, prices for many products and services are lower in the Catalan capital. And what currency should you take to Barcelona? Throughout Spain, and therefore in Catalonia, you pay in euros – payments in other currencies are usually not accepted.

Prices in restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its cuisine. It is possible to eat here very tasty, but is it also cheap? Prices in restaurants vary, so in addition to expensive establishments you can find cheaper ones as well. For example, Con Gracia serves Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine, and the menu changes depending on the season – a dinner dish can be ordered for about 74 euros, salads and vegan dishes cost 65 euros, and guests can still count on a free tasting of the chef’s specialties. The Faire Brunch & Drinks is worth going to for breakfast and lunch – meals are priced at €7-14 per serving, and the menu also includes vegan and vegetarian dishes.

At Taps Barcelona, you can enjoy Spanish snacks and traditional Catalan dishes – tapas cost an average of 13 euros per serving, while dinner dishes, with seafood or meat, cost about 23 euros.

At Diegos Bar Restaurant, prices are as follows:

– salad with salmon and avocado – 12.50 euros
– salad with mozzarella and mango – 10,50 euros
– salad with tomatoes and various types of cheese – 10.90 euros
– seafood soup – 9.50 euros
– gazpacho – 9.50 euros
– clam paste – 12.95 euros
– spaghetti bolognese – 9.95 euros
– yam casserole – 5.50 euros
– carn d’olla croquettes – 7 euros
– Flamenquín casero – €10.50
– baked artichoke – 8.95 euros
– Fried shrimp with toppings – 12.35 euros
– Tortilla de patatas – 9.75 euros
– Baked trout – 16.50 euros
– Cod in Barcelona style – 16.50 euros
– Steak with baked potatoes – €17.50
– Callos a la Madrileña – 11.95 euros
– hamburger with fries – 9.95 euros
– paella with seafood – 17.50 euros
– paella with vegetables – 15.50 euros
– Catalan cream – 5.50 euros
– Miel y Mató – €5.95
– Lava cake – 6.50 euros

There are also popular fast food chains in Barcelona – for example, at McDonalds the prices of sandwiches and wraps fluctuate around 7.50-8 euros. Cheaper are the street food stalls with take-away food, where you can eat deliciously for about 5-7 euros.

Prices in restaurants in Barcelona

Food prices in supermarkets in Barcelona

In Barcelona you will have no problem preparing your own meals. There are plenty of small stores and supermarkets in the city, and there are also markets with local fresh food, and these are the average prices of popular food products:

– a liter of milk – 1.10 euros
– a loaf of bread – 1.90 euros
– long breakfast roll – 0.75 euros
– a kilo of local cheese – 12.50 euros
– packet of pasta – 1.20 euros
– packet of rice – 1.50 euros
– 1 kg chicken – 12.30 euros
– 1 kg of beef – 20 euros
– 1 kg of apples – 1.80 euros
– 1 kg of oranges – 1.50 euros
– a dozen eggs – 2.50 euros
– 1 kg of onions – 1.60 euros
– 1 kg of potatoes – 1.60 euros
– 1 kg of mushrooms – 0.99 euros
– 1 kg of tomatoes – 2 euros
– 500 g salmon – 9.49 euros
– 500 g of shrimp – 3.75 euros
– 1 kg grapes – 1.89 euros
– cream cheese – 1.07 euros
– yogurt – 0.35 euros
– can of olives – 0.99 euros
– bottle of local wine – 1.69 euros

Food prices in Barcelona

Alcohol prices in Barcelona

Barcelona is primarily known for its wine, but you can buy virtually any kind of alcohol in this city. Alcohol prices in Barcelona are not very high. In bars and restaurants, a mug of beer (500 ml) costs an average of 5 euros, for a glass of wine you pay about 3.50-5 euros, for a drink about 7-8 euros. In stores, of course, it is cheaper. A bottle of beer can be had for as little as 1.25 euros, the better kinds cost in the range of 2.50-5 euros. In discount stores you can get a bottle of wine for less than 2 euros, but for better liquors you need to spend at least 6 euros. The price of a bottle of vodka is about 10-18 euros, depending on the brand.

Accommodation prices in Barcelona

Barcelona boasts very extensive accommodation facilities, but it is worth remembering that prices are always higher in high season and it is worth booking places well in advance. A stay at a 5-star hotel, right on the seafront, will cost around 490 euros per night. At Barcelona Universal, a 4-star hotel close to the center, you’ll pay about 270 euros per night. A hostel in the center costs about 56 euros per day.

Choosing locations away from the center, it is easier to find accommodation of a good standard and affordable price – at ibis Barcelona Meridiana, a 2-star hotel, you pay 120 euros per night. Airbnb apartments cost about 190 euros per day if it’s a location close to the center and major tourist attractions, while on the outskirts of Barcelona you can find apartments for as little as 60 euros per night.

Public transportation in Barcelona
You can get around Barcelona with your own or rented car, but often a much more convenient, and above all, cheaper solution will be public transportation.Barcelona has metro, buses and streetcars. A single ticket costs 2.55 euros, but it is much more cost-effective to buy the Hola Barcelona Travel Card. The card costs:

– 17.50 euros for 2 days
– 25.440 euros for 3 days
– 33.30 euros for 4 days
– 40.80 euros for 5 days

The card can be ordered online even before arriving in Barcelona. Children under 4 years of age are provided free of charge.

Real estate prices in Barcelona

How much do you need to spend to buy your own apartment in Barcelona in 2024? A three-bedroom apartment in Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample costs about 800,000 euros. An elegant apartment in the attractive Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighborhood can be had for one and a half million euros, while a larger house or a segment costs a minimum of 2 million euros. Small studios on the outskirts of the city are available for as little as 35-40 thousand euros, two rooms in Torre Baró are worth about 65-70 thousand euros. For a two-room apartment of a better standard you need to spend about 150-200 thousand euros.

Prices of souvenirs in Barcelona

What is worth buying in Barcelona as a souvenir? One of the main attractions is visiting Barcelona in the footsteps of Gaudi, and it is the souvenirs related to the figure of the famous architect that are among the most popular. Miniatures of La Sagrada cost about 50 euros, and similarly priced are 3D puzzles for assembling a model of the cathedral yourself. Ceramic souvenirs inspired by Gaudi’s style can be bought for just a few euros, larger ornaments cost 20-30 euros.

El Caganer figurines are available for about 20-25 euros, and Tió de Nadal Christmas trunks for 18 euros. FC Barcelona fans can buy a soccer jersey as a souvenir – they cost 70-100 euros in the official store.

Prices of souvenirs in Barcelona

Gold prices in Barcelona

You can get 1 gram of investment gold in Barcelona for 62 euros. Collectible 24K gold royal coins are worth about 500 euros.Gold jewelry is best bought in local bazaars from local artisans – stylish ornaments can be had for approx.60-70 euros.

Chech: tourist tax Spain

Barcelona tours

It is certainly impossible to get bored in Barcelona.It is a city full of various attractions, and regardless of the date of their stay, tourists have access to a rich cultural and entertainment offer.Among the most popular attractions are:

– guided tour of the Sagrada Familia – about 35 euros.
– tour of Casa Batlló – 35 euros
– tour of Park Güell – 16 euros
– tour of Montserrat and cable car ride – 60 euros
– participation in a flamenco show – 50 euros
– city tour by tour bus – about 34 euros
– sea cruise around Barcelona – about 45 euros
– cliff jumping on the Costa Brava + scuba diving – about 90 euros

How much money to take to Barcelona?

It’s a good idea to have a credit card in Barcelona, but cash is also useful.Tipping is not mandatory, but appreciation of service is welcome – tips are generally 10% of the bill or a few euros.Withdrawing cash from an ATM is, of course, possible, but in the case of foreign cards this will incur an additional fee – its cost you need to check with your bank.

In addition to accommodation, when planning your budget you should take into account such expenses as:
– entrance fees to museums and historic buildings
– public transportation or cab passes
– souvenirs from Barcelona
– city outings


Is it expensive in Barcelona?

Barcelona is more expensive than other Spanish cities like Valencia, Malaga or Seville, but at the same time it will be cheaper here than in Paris, London or New York.

Is it cheap to stay in Barcelona?

Accommodation in Barcelona is not overly expensive, board prices are also quite affordable.


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