Medicines on the plane – how to transport? What can you take with you?

Medicines on the plane
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How to pack for a plane?This is a huge challenge for travelers. After all, it’s not just about the size of the luggage, but also its contents, since you are not allowed to bring everything on board the plane. What does this look like in the case of medicines? Can medications be carried on the plane? And can they be in hand luggage or should they be packed in a suitcase that will be in the cargo hold?

Always pack important medications in carry-on luggage

Lost luggage is unfortunately not unusual when it comes to air travel. Hence the recommendations to pack important and valuable items in the carry-on luggage you have with you on the plane. Fortunately, medicines are not among the prohibited items and are allowed to be carried in hand luggage. It is even recommended to do so, especially if they are prescription drugs that the patient must take daily. The carriage of medicines is regulated by national regulations and the carrier’s rules and regulations.

For a longer flight, it’s a good idea to bring on board painkillers, eye drops, a spray to moisten mucous membranes, something for possible stomach ailments.Although prices on board Wizz Air are often very attractive, medicines are rarely on offer, and the on-board medicine cabinet will not always be able to find what would help the most for the ailments experienced.

It is worth taking medicines as a backup

Even if there are no major problems with health, it is better to prepare for the fact that something unpleasant will happen during the trip.A change of climate, completely different food, not very clean water – all this can cause unpleasant ailments, and instead of looking for pharmacies and doctors in a foreign place, thanks to a handy first-aid kit the necessary remedies will be immediately at hand.Medicines do not take up a lot of space, so it is easy to fit such a supply in a carry-on bag – the permitted dimensions of baggage on Wizz Air are 40 x 30 x 20 cm, 10 kg. On a flight with a child will be useful, first of all, painkillers and antipyretics in syrup or drops.

It’s important to remember TSA rules

According to TSA (Transportation Security Authority) regulations, it is permitted to bring on board medicines in liquid form and medicinal ointments not exceeding 100 ml (3.4 oz). However, it is imperative to ensure that packages of such medications are properly labeled (preferably in English) so that there are no difficulties when checking in at the airport. It is best to check detailed regulations in this regard with the carrier of your choice, such as Wizz Air‘s website.Packages of more than 100 ml are allowed only for medicines prescribed by a doctor, and it is absolutely necessary to have a doctor’s certificate with the name of the medicine written on it.

Medicines are best kept in their original packaging

Any liquids, creams or pills may arouse interest during the security check.During check-in, staff will want to confirm their authenticity, so medicines in your carry-on luggage should be in their original packaging, with a pharmacy label and leaflet.To be sure, it’s a good idea to have a doctor’s certificate showing that the drug in question was actually prescribed to the patient and that he or she must take it.

Confirmation of authenticity is also useful for over-the-counter medications, such as muscle pain ointments, eye drops, nasal sprays and warming gel. All medications are good to pack together. The capacity of general medicines must not exceed 100 ml. Most airlines, like Ryanair, for liquid medicines have separate checks, so they should be kept in a separate bag. The dimensions of Ryanair luggage are for a small personal bag 40 x 20 x 25 cm, so the entire first aid kit should fit in it.

Are medication organizers acceptable on airplanes?

If one takes more medications, it is common to use special organizers that make it easier to dose and control the preparations taken.In general, pill organizers are accepted in carry-on luggage, but they must be accurately labeled, with the recommended dosage and expiration date.Liquid medications, however, are better kept in the original bottle for safety.

What should a certificate from a doctor look like?

The document confirming the authenticity of the drug and the doctor’s recommendation should include:

– patient’s name

– the full name of the drug and its dosage

– instructions for taking (e.g., 2 pills a day)

– the doctor’s name and contact phone number

– prescription number/code

Prescriptions for medications taken

People who take prescription medications should check before they travel to make sure they have a sufficient supply for their entire stay.It’s also a good idea to ask your doctor to write you a prescription, so that if anything happens, you can buy the missing medication while you’re there.At the same time, it is worth remembering that not in every country will it be possible to fill a foreign prescription, or drugs in local pharmacies do not have all the necessary approvals.

Is it allowed to bring every medicine into another country?

In some countries, certain drugs are considered illegal. Each country has its own regulations in this regard, and if during the inspection the airport staff finds banned medications in our luggage, it can mean considerable unpleasantness. Most often, drugs containing psychotropic or narcotic substances are banned, and a traveler who does not have permission to carry them and a document from a doctor risks severe legal consequences.

So before you travel, you need to make sure how things work in your country and what the local regulations say. The necessary information can be found on the website of the country’s embassy. You should have a copy of the prescription and certificate of authenticity in English or in the official language of the country you plan to fly to.

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