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Mallorca – pros and cons

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Mallorca, called by many the “Pearl of the Mediterranean,” is the largest island in the Balearic archipelago and tempts travelers with a truly Spanish climate. During its tour, you can be transported to a world of centuries-old monuments and discover many secrets of the underwater depths. Ready for a great adventure?

When to go to Mallorca?

The answer is simple: always! However, it is worth knowing how the air temperatures are formed in each month. Below you will find a small hint that will help you plan your trip more easily.- The average temperature in January in Mallorca is: from 13 to 18º Celsius. Nights are slightly cooler and you can expect about 10º Celsius.

– The average temperature in February in Mallorca is: from 13 to 17º Celsius. Nights are slightly cooler and you can expect about 9º Celsius.

– The average temperature in March in Mallorca is: from 15 to 19º Celsius. Nights are slightly cooler and you can expect about 11º Celsius.

– The average temperature in April in Mallorca is: from 17 to 22º Celsius. Nights are slightly cooler and you can expect about 12º Celsius.

– The average temperature in May in Mallorca is: from 20 to 26º Celsius. Nights are slightly cooler and you can expect about 16º Celsius.

– The average temperature in June in Mallorca is: from 24 to even 32º Celsius. Nights are slightly cooler and you can expect around 19º Celsius.

– The average temperature in July in Mallorca is: from 27 to 34º Celsius. Nights are slightly cooler and you can expect about 22º Celsius.

– The average temperature in August in Mallorca is: from 27 to 34º Celsius. Nights are slightly cooler and you can expect about 23º Celsius.

– The average temperature in September in Mallorca is: from 24 to even 30º Celsius. Nights are slightly cooler and you can expect around 21º Celsius.

– The average temperature in October in Mallorca is: from 21 to even 25º Celsius. Nights are slightly cooler and you can expect about 18º Celsius.

– The average temperature in November in Mallorca is: from 17 to even 22º Celsius. Nights are slightly cooler and you can expect around 14º Celsius.

– The average temperature in December in Mallorca is: from 14 to even 20º Celsius. Nights are slightly cooler and you can expect around 11º Celsius.

Currency in Mallorca

The primary currency in force in Spanish Mallorca is the Euro (EUR).

Prices in Mallorca

Mallorca is not a cheap island. Below you will find prices in Mallorcan restaurants and prices of basic products in stores. Get acquainted with them now!

– Tapas-type snacks – EUR 5.00

– Kebab-type dish – 5.00 EUR

– large sandwich – 5.00 EUR

– soup – EUR 7.00.

– Mediterranean salad – 9.00 EUR.

– paella – 15.00 EUR.

– shrimp – 15.00 EUR.

– scallops – 3.50 EUR.

– steamed mussels – EUR 9.50.

– grilled octopus – EUR 13.50.

– pizza – EUR 12.00.

– tortilla – EUR 7.90.

– hamburger with fries – EUR 7.00.

– French fries – 3.00 EUR.

– tea – 2.50 EUR.

– espresso coffee – 1.50 EUR.

– cappuccino coffee – 2.10 EUR.

– glass of wine – 3.00 EUR.

– drink – 4.00 EUR.

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Prices in Mallorca

Communication in Mallorca

When traveling in Mallorca by public transportation, you have to… be patient. Why? Because buses are often late, and the duration of the course is extended indefinitely.

Majorcan buses are very easy to recognize. The red and yellow vehicles are conspicuous, so no one will miss an oncoming vehicle. TIB transportation, because that’s what it’s all about, reaches every village on the island, even the smallest, providing passengers with a safe ride. However, as for the price of a bus ticket, this one depends on the number of stops traveled. For the sake of example, we will add that for covering one stop we will come to pay less than 2.00 euros.

Another way to travel around Mallorca is by train. It is worth knowing that there are rail vehicles moving around the island. For one stop we will pay the same as for public transport – less than 2.00 euros. You can buy a ticket at a window at the station or at a vending machine.

However, this is not the end of transportation options, as one more option is the metro. Two subway lines can be found in the island’s capital.

Mallorca reviews

Mallorca is a beloved vacation destination and an ideal place for water sports. The island can be visited at any time of the year, but the best conditions for beachcombing and diving are between June and September. Tourists also like to come here in the spring to be alone for a short while with the wild nature of the “Pearl of the Balearic Islands”… Is it worth it? Definitely yes. This is one of the most beautiful European islands. It is a good choice for a vacation with children. The short flight means you don’t have to combine what to do with child on the plane.

Mallorca pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages

You can spend a fantastic vacation in Mallorca, but even such an attractive place has its drawbacks, which is worth considering when planning a vacation. Also, those who would like to spend more time on the Spanish island or simply live permanently, should keep in mind that Mallorca is not only beautiful beaches. Among its biggest pluses are:

  • Climate – Mallorca has a mild Mediterranean climate, so you can enjoy good weather for most of the year. Summers are warm and rain-free, also in spring and autumn the temperature is very pleasant. Winter lasts a relatively short time, but even in these months it is rarely frighteningly cold – the average temperature in January is 12-15 degrees Celsius.
  • Lifestyle – it’s hard to get bored in Mallorca, because even in the off-season a lively social life flourishes here, restaurants and clubs stay open, there are fairs, festivals, cultural events, and locals enjoy meeting each other. Nightclubs await lovers of wild partying.
  • Nature – Mallorca impresses with its nature. Although the island lives mainly from tourism, it has managed to protect the environment from overexploitation. On the island there are not only beautiful beaches, but also picturesque mountains, old vineyards, green plains, olive groves. Regardless of the season, you can actively spend your free time here and enjoy the eye with nice views.
  • Recreation – in Mallorca you can practice a variety of sports: swimming, surfing, sailing, mountain climbing, trekking, cycling. There are also tennis courts, golf courses, playing fields, fitness clubs.
  • Tasty cuisine – Mallorca’s cuisine is mostly traditional island dishes. A big plus is the wide selection of fresh produce, and the mainstays of the diet are vegetables, seafood, local olive oil, soups, rice dishes.
  • Safety – Mallorca is a safe place and also when it comes to common crime the statistics compare very favorably with other Mediterranean islands.

On the other hand, the downsides we can include:

  • High costs – Mallorca is quite expensive, both for tourists and permanent residents. Real estate prices are higher than in Madrid or Barcelona, and goods that have to be imported from the mainland apparently cost more than in mainland Spain.
  • Distance and transportation – the island cannot be reached by car, of course, and the ferry trip from the Spanish coast takes about 8 hours. Mallorca has good air links to the mainland, but flights are more expensive than other forms of transportation.
  • Development regulations – moving to Mallorca sounds tempting, but you need to be aware of special protection zones – you are not allowed to build a house everywhere, and renovation of older buildings often requires permission from local authorities. This also makes secondary market properties expensive.

What is worth seeing in Mallorca?

We think Mallorca, we say… Palma de Mallorca! To most of us, quite obviously, the island is associated with the bustling Palma. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the “Pearl of the Balearic Islands” is more than just a hot capital. It is, above all, kilometers-long beaches that always welcome visitors with soft sand. Now the moment has just come, in which we will present to you the most interesting corners of the eternally alive Mallorca. To begin with, of course, Palma!

Palma de Mallorca is the capital and the undisputed calling card of Mallorca. Would you agree with this statement? Probably no one doubts the uniqueness of Palma. The city is famous for its rich cultural life (bars, clubs, etc.) and beautiful monuments, which can not be passed by indifferently.

Serra de Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range catches the eye with its monumentality. It is the largest mountain range in Mallorca, as well as in the entire Balearic Islands. It is worth looking at from a distance.

Serra de Tramuntana


We continue to stay in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, because it is here that one of the gems of Mallorca, the famous Valldemossa, is located. Valldemossa is a place associated with Frederic Chopin, who visited here and spent time at the Carthusian Monastery.


Cape Formentor

Formentor Cape is one of the island’s favorite vantage points. The cape tempts with breathtaking landscapes and allows you to admire interesting sights. In its close vicinity there is, among others, a 19th-century lighthouse, which now houses… a restaurant. So it is worth dropping in here for a little snack.

Cape Formentor

Torrent de Pareis

Lubicie cieszyć oczy spektakularnymi wąwozami? Świetnie się składa! Torrent de Pareis – czyli najdłuższy wąwóz Majorki – z pewnością przypadnie Wam do gustu. Ciekawostkę stanowi również fakt, że do majorkańskiego kanionu można wejść aż z dwóch stron.

Torrent de Pareis


Manacor, as you may not know, is Mallorca’s second largest city, famous mainly for its industry. However, this is only one side of the agglomeration. The other reason to visit the resort is the Museum of Rafael Nadal, the Spanish tennis player, which is a real treat for all sports lovers.


Alcúdia is worth coming to for peace and quiet. This small, atmospheric town is characterized by the presence of picturesque beaches that encourage blissful lazing. However, if you get bored with quiet relaxation, remember that Alcúdia also offers hot fiestas.



Citrus orchards and a narrow-gauge railroad are the two main aspects for which to come to Soller. Soller is a small town located on Mallorca’s northwest coast, and is an excellent base for exploring the Serra de Tramuntana mountains.


Mondrago Nature Park

An oasis of calm, a place of tranquility, a close encounter with nature – Mondrago Nature Park is recommended to all lovers of scenic reserves. Here, surrounded by powdery sand, clear water and coastal dunes, you can feel like you’re at the end of the world….

Mondrago Nature Park

Dragon Caves (Cuevas del Drach)

Dragon Caves – sounds inviting, doesn’t it? The Cuevas del Drach, as they are referred to, are interesting and awe-inspiring on the one hand, but on the other, they give you a thrill. The name of the caves is not accidental, as the stalactites and stalagmites located inside are deceptively reminiscent of a dragon’s mouth. Ready for an adventure straight out of a horror movie?


Once again, we hit the Serra de Tramuntana mountains to see with our own eyes one of the most beautiful villages on the island. What is the secret of the village of Deià? Maybe in the idyllic climate, which soothes and calms the nerves… Maybe in the fascinating landscapes that leave an unusual trace in the memory… Or maybe in the picturesque olive orchards, which wonderfully blend with medieval-style stone houses… One thing is certain, however, in this part of Mallorca time passes much more slowly.



Lluc is undoubtedly Majorca’s most important pilgrimage center. The sanctuary, located in the famous Serra de Tramuntana mountains, is a popular pilgrimage destination for tourists from all corners of the world.


The town of Capdepera is worth coming to for one purpose, namely, to see the majestic medieval fortress. The 14th-century castle is located on a picturesque hill, from which you can admire the surrounding area.


The stone town of Fornalutx looks great during sunny weather. The raw stone combined with an unusual fever of colors, takes us to a world of magic and fleeting moments. The green shutters, which are associated with an idyllic atmosphere, complete the picture.


Mirador de sa Foradada

Mirador de sa Foradada is another spectacular viewpoint on the island. On the one hand, we can admire the wild side of Mallorca here, while on the other hand – beautiful sunsets. It is worth visiting this place with your other half….

Cala Figuera

Fishing ports have it in common that they live their own established life. Very similar is the case in the village of Cala Figuera, where everything goes on in a calm rhythm… Bright houses here contrast with the exceptionally emerald water, and colorful boats look great in the sunshine.

Cala Figuera


Do you like not-so-popular places? The atmospheric Artà is recommended to all lovers of quiet towns. It is also interesting to note that in the past wicker baskets were woven here. Little trace remains of the old tradition, as you can still buy small wicker souvenirs in some stores.



Orange Santanyí owes its charm to the houses built precisely from… orange sandstone. The buildings, made of the massive building material, blend perfectly with the single palm trees, introducing the passerby to the world of Majorcan mysteries.


The best resorts in Mallorca

Like going on vacation, it’s only to a lively resort. If you are curious about what gems are hidden in the sun-warmed Mallorca, be sure to stay with us. To begin with El Arenal.

In El Arenal you will find everything you need for full holiday happiness. There are beautiful beaches, there is a long promenade, and there are clubs that do not close until morning. This hot Majorcan resort almost never sleeps, so you can always count on a good time here.


Magaluf is another party place on the map of the “Pearl of the Balearic Islands.” The resort is located on the southwest coast of the island and like a magnet attracts nightlife enthusiasts. However, it is worth remembering that in addition to bars, clubs or restaurants, the town also has beautiful beaches and numerous places to walk.


Can Picafort

Can Picafort, also known as Ca’n Picafort, is a popular resort town where arts and entertainment dominate. Not only can you have fun at the local club, but you can also come face to face with real works of art. Numerous sculptures, created by Joan Bennassar, stand proudly on the seafront and invite a moment of reverie….

Puerto d’Alcudia

Bars with karaoke, drinks on tap, restaurants serving international cuisine – this is Puerto d’Alcudia in a nutshell. But don’t worry, the resort also offers more laid-back entertainment. The expansive beach tempts with its soft sand, and the crystal clear water beckons for a swim.

Palma Nova

Palma Nova is a resort that you want to come back to and… keep coming back. The resort is located on the southwest coast of Majorca, in close proximity to Magaluf and the resort of Santa Ponça. Visitors, crowding the resort, can enjoy, among other things, a beautiful beach, water attractions and a whole host of bars and restaurants.

Calas/Cales de Mallorca

Cales de Mallorca is sure to appeal to families with children. The tranquil resort offers plenty of hotels and restaurants, as well as long promenades ideal for afternoon strolls. Of greatest interest to visitors, however, are the enchanting beaches, of which there is no shortage in the area.

Note: You can take an unforgettable boat cruise from nearby ports.


Do you have plans to go hiking and hiking together? Then be sure to check out the town of Paguera, which has an exceptionally mild climate.

Very importantly, Paguera is located only 20 kilometers from the island’s capital, so it will be a great base for exploring hot Palma. However, before you set out to conquer the capital, be sure to take advantage of the attractions that the friendly village has prepared for you. There are pine forests and wooded hills, there is water perfect for diving, there are also tennis courts and exclusive boutiques. In a word, there is everything!

Porto Cristo

The small Porto Cristo will appeal to anyone who loves mysterious caves and caverns. The Dragon Caves (Cuevas del Drach), as they are referred to, are a real treat for all fans of underground rock formations. And what else besides the caves? Beach lovers will find a slice of space just for themselves, while single-track enthusiasts will find numerous bicycle paths.


Small, friendly, atmospheric – this is exactly what S’illot is – a small tourist destination located on the southeastern coast of Mallorca.

S’illot attracts attention with its peaceful atmosphere. Life flows a little slower here than in other resorts, but you can not complain about the lack of interesting accommodations. Hotels and the beach attract tourists, but visitors are fewer than in other resorts.

Port de Pollença

The last resort worthy of attention is undoubtedly Port de Pollença, which is dominated by sandy beaches, mountain trails and numerous bicycle paths. Strollers are also tempted by a long promenade with a mass of stores, where interesting things are happening.

The best beaches in Mallorca

The sea, the beach, the sun overhead… What more could you want from life? There are many legends about Majorcan beaches, so it’s worth checking out what’s so captivating about them. Let’s start at the beginning!

Es Trenc beach

Es Trenc is perhaps the most famous beach on the island, magnetizing with its bright sand and azure waters. The place evokes paradisiacal and idyllic landscapes, so it’s no surprise that tourists flock here in large numbers to relax.

Playa de Palma

By day the beach, by night… fun. Playa de Palma provides an excellent place for beachcombing and night parties. Visitors here can count on fine, hot sand, great facilities for water sports and clean water. Nothing but relax to your heart’s content!

Playa de Muro

Maldives on Mallorca? Why not! Playa de Muro is a resort reminiscent of distant, exotic corners of the world. As a reminder, we will also add that the beach is located on the northeastern coast of Mallorca.

Cala Llombards

Now we move to the south of the island and land in the enchanting Cala Llombards. The beach here is a substitute for paradise on Earth, as anyone who has set foot on it at least once will surely attest. This place is perfect for relaxing with the family and invites you to admire Mallorca’s somewhat wild nature.

Cala Formentor

Some say that Cala Formentor is the true pearl of the island. The beach is famous for its fine, light-colored sand, as well as its blue flag, which testifies to its exceptional cleanliness. Tourists also come here because of the spectacular vantage point that is Cape Formentor.

Caló des Moro

At Caló des Moro you can feel like you are at the end of the world… This is mainly due to the fact that there is neither a bar nor sunbeds on the beach. A small patch of sand is surrounded by rocks and high cliffs, which further encourages you to stay here for longer.

Cala Agulla

Cala Agulla pleases the eyes with its crystal clear waters and paradisiacal landscapes. Small dunes, awe-inspiring rocks, numerous pine trees and fancy stones, will certainly affect our imagination and provide many unusual experiences. That’s not all, however, as it is complemented by two restaurants and two bars that serve local delicacies.

Cala Mesquida

A bit of the Canary Islands on Mallorca? Why not! Cala Mesquida is characterized by a somewhat rugged landscape, so at first glance it may resemble the windy Canaries. The water in the area is suitable for sea swimming, and also looks great for souvenir photos.

Cala Mondrago

Soft white sand is something that most associate with vacations. At Cala Mondrago, you will not be short of fluffy sand, which calms and soothes your nerves. It will also come as no surprise that the beach is located in the somewhat wild Mondrago Natural Park.

Cala Viñas

Another southern corner of Mallorca is the hot Cala Viñas, which is a real mecca for fans of beautiful photos. The bay is very popular among families with children, so during the season you can see many parents relaxing here.

Cala Torta

Now we move slightly north and land on the picturesque Cala Torta beach. Here, surrounded by bright sand, green corners and azure water, you can momentarily forget about the world around you and sink your thoughts into the beauty of nature.

Cala Sa Nau

The small Cala Sa Nau is an ideal place for pearl hunters. Of course, not those of the deep sea, but those picturesque and full of charm. The beach may not impress with its dimensions (it is relatively small), but it makes up for it with its enchanting surroundings. There are limestone rocks and a pine forest, and there is a great place to take a swim.

Santa Ponça

The last suggestion for all lovers of indulging in beach pleasures is the large, sandy beach of Santa Ponça, which is an ideal place to admire sunsets. Here, relaxers can enjoy both sea and sun bathing and feast their eyes on the spectacular views. Complementing all this are the surrounding bars and restaurants serving the local delicacies themselves.


To sum up in two words, Mallorca is almost a dream place for rest and recreation. Come!

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