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Tourist tax Madeira
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Madeira is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, and although much closer to Africa from here, administratively Madeira belongs to Portugal.An important part of the island’s economy is tourism, and it’s worth checking before you leave to see if vacationers choosing this destination are charged a tourist tax.

Is there a tourist tax in Madeira?

Madeira receives a great number of tourists each year. Practically all the time there are good weather conditions here, although the peak season is from June to September.So far in Madeira, only the municipality of Santa Cruz has charged visitors a tourist tax, while in the rest of the island there has been no such tax. Now, however, prices in Madeira are expected to rise, as more municipalities have decided to introduce a tourist tax. The good news is that tourists will only pay for the first seven nights.

tourist tax in Madeira

How much is the tourist tax in Madeira?

The tourist tax is scheduled to go into effect in mid-2024.According to the announcement, the tourist tax will be €2 for each night of stay.The fee applies to all tourists, both foreign and domestic. An exemption from the tax is provided for children under 13 and people with disabilities.

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