How to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back?

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The United Arab Emirates is an increasingly popular tourist destination, and quite a few people also come to the country for work and business. The two main cities are Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and it is this route that most people living in and visiting the UAE took in 2022. What is such transportation like, and which mode of transport will be most convenient?

Travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi – what are the options?

Between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a distance of about 140 km. There are airports in both cities, but there are no direct connections between them – transportation from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and back is by land only. Passengers have several options to choose from, varying in price and comfort – these include buses, cabs, airport transfers.The cheapest option is public transportation, provided by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

Public transportation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is safe, the buses are of a good standard, and the courses run on time according to the schedule. Those who prefer more luxurious means of transportation can choose a private airport transfer – this costs more, of course, but there are no co-passengers, and the trip takes not 2h30min, but about an hour and a half.

When to go to Dubai to avoid traffic congestion? Most people visit the UAE between November and March, but outside these months, both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is really very hot – temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees, and in such conditions it is difficult to drive even air-conditioned cars.


Buses from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Given that prices in Dubai are quite high, many travelers opt for bus rides.A ticket from Dubai to Abu Dhabi costs about 25-35 dirhams – 1 dirham (AED) is approximately PLN 1.09. Buses depart from the station every 20 minutes. The fare is a single ticket.

There are two direct lines:

– E100 – runs between Dubai’s Al Ghubaiba Bus Station and Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station.
– E101 – runs between Dubai’s Ibn Battuta Bus Station and Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station

The three main stops from which the Abu Dhabi buses run are:

– Al Ghubaiba Bus Station 9
– Ibn Battuta Metro Station
– Ibn Battuta Bus Station 8

You can get to these stops quickly by public transportation, and to avoid paying extra for single tickets, it’s worth buying a Nol card. This is a reusable card, which you only need to top up with the appropriate amount to get around the city without any problems. Nol entitles you to travel by subway, bus, streetcar and cab. Fees are charged based on the city zones crossed.

What if your trip to Abu Dhabi is from Dubai Airport? You won’t be without transfers:

– from Terminal 3 DXB to Gold Souq Bus Station External by line C01 (33 min)
– from Gold Souq Bus Station External to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station 7 by line X13 (8 min)
– From Al Ghubaiba Bus Station 9 to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station 1 by line E100 (2h20min)

The buses are air-conditioned, provide wifi access and luggage can be carried in them. There are also separate seats specifically for women, children and families.

Cabs to Abu Dhabi

In addition to public transportation, the UAE has an efficiently organized cab service.And importantly, by cab you can go to other destinations, so it will be a convenient solution for those who want to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi airport, for example.This is quite a more expensive trip – a ride from one city to another costs about 220-275 AED.The starting rate in a cab is 25 AED, and 1.75 dirhams for each kilometer traveled.

The benefit is clearly a shorter trip, as a distance of 150 kilometers can be covered in just an hour and 15 minutes this way, although the risk of traffic jams on the road, which will prolong the ride, should always be taken into account. In addition, the trip by cab is much more comfortable and without companions. You can order a cab straight from the airport – the car will be waiting for the customer right at the airport exit. You can pay for the cab by cash or card.

Airport transfer

This is a private transportation service, provided both in Dubai and at the Abu Dhabi airport. The car is substituted at the airport so that the guest can get into it immediately upon arrival with all his luggage. The organized ride can take the guest to the hotel or any other location as requested by the passenger.This form of transportation requires booking the vehicle in advance, such as on

Airport transfers come in various standards, and in addition to cars, there are minibuses and vans for larger groups, up to 50 passengers.The price depends on the class of the car:

– Economy standard, for 3 passengers, costs about AED 253.
– Comfort standard, for 3 passengers, costs about AED 304
– Business standard, for 3 passengers, costs about 367 AED- Premium standard, for 3 passengers, costs about 385 AED- VIP standard, for 3 passengers, costs about 628 AED
– SUV for 5 passengers costs about 301 AED
– VAN for 8 passengers costs about 396 AED
– minibus for 16 passengers costs about AED 771
– A bus for 50 passengers costs about AED 1531

Car rentals in Dubai

Yet another option to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is to rent a car.This will allow you to plan the entire trip on your own and change the route if necessary.Most rental companies have at least a few convenient car pick-up points, and you can leave the car at another location after the service, without having to return from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Among the largest and most popular rental companies is the Avis network. In Dubai, Avis has outlets in three locations:

– Sheikh Marwan, Sheikh Zayed road, at the Financial Centre metro station
– Office no G09, Murjan 1, Jumeirah Beach Residence
– Dubai International Airport (Terminal arrivals 1, 2, 3 and Terminal 1 departures).From Monday to Friday the rental company operates from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays the car can be rented from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.Other modes of transportation

Cabs are very popular, especially among tourists, but the possibilities do not end there.A great many people who want to get to Abu Dhabi choose to rent a private car with a driver through mobile apps, mainly Uber and Careem.

Uber in Dubai

An Uber ride can be ordered at any time.The price of a ride to Abu Dhabi costs about AED 507, in the Black version (premium service with top-rated drivers) it is about AED 733. The rate in UberXL is about 539-554 AED, family rides cost between 474 and 490 AED.

Careem w Dubaju

Z aplikacją Careem można się dostać z Dubaju do dowolnego emiratu. W zależności od wybranego standardu, ceny wynoszą:

  • Economy: 352 AED
    – Business: 370 AED
    – Max: 404 AED
    – Careem Kids: 348 AED

How to get back to Dubai from Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi may be the destination of your trip, but some people will want to get back to Dubai.The return trip looks the same – you can choose public transportation, which operates 7 days a week, order a cab or rent a car.In the case of public transportation, the return journey starts from the Abu Dhabi bus station, while a cab or Uber can be ordered from anywhere.

Avis car rental in Abu Dhabi operates in Al Otaiba building, on Hamdan Bin Mohammed street, and at the airport, in Skypark Plaza building, on the 4th level of the parking lot.

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