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Gran Canaria tourist tax

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In 2016, Spain decided to impose an additional tax on destinations popular with tourists. The new tax included the crowded Balearic Islands, among others. Do the same expenses need to be feared in Gran Canaria?

Tourist tax is a fee that tourists must pay if they choose to spend their vacation in a specific location. The tax is charged from the first day of your stay and is payable in local currency, according to the applicable tariff. Tourist tax is not included in the price of a tour or accommodation rental, which means that if someone goes to Ibiza, for example, he or she must additionally add 1-4 euros per day of stay – the rate depends on the location and the standard of the hotel. Funds raised through the tourist tax go to environmental protection.

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Is there a tourist tax in Gran Canaria?

Information about a possible tourist tax in the Canary Islands appears regularly, however, so far, it has not been decided. Currently, tourists vacationing in Gran Canaria do not pay any tourist tax, and it is unlikely to be introduced in the near future.

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