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Since Zanzibar has become such a popular tourist destination, many vacationers there complain that it is no longer the same place as it was just a few years ago. Instead of Zanzibar, it’s better to fly to the Dominican Republic, which, although farther away, offers more options. After our visit to both of these islands we have a comparison, so where is it worth going for a vacation? To Zanzibar or perhaps to the Dominican Republic?

Criterion Dominican Zanzibar Verdict
Conditions in winter It is winter that is the best time to visit the Dominican Republic. The weather is eminently holidayable then, with water temperatures as high as 28 degrees. The rains at this time of year are practically non-existent, and one avoids the strenuous heat and high humidity of summer. The water is warmest in winter, but this is also the time of the rainy season – rainfall is less abundant than in spring, but if one expects sunny, vacation weather throughout the vacation, then one should go to Zanzibar rather in summer or early autumn. Dominican
Beaches A postcard-like beach? In this respect, the Dominican Republic will certainly not disappoint even the most discriminating tourists. Local beaches are exceptionally picturesque, covered with fine, clean sand, surrounded by palm trees. They are at every seaside hotel, but it is worth looking for wild coves away from the tourist hustle and bustle. It is the fabulous beaches that have tempted travelers to visit Zanzibar. They are sandy, stretch along the entire coastline, and the surrounding palm trees cast a pleasant shade and complete the exotic landscape. No choice
Coral reef The Dominican Republic boasts beautiful, lush coral reefs that have not yet been destroyed by mass tourism. The best reefs can be found around Punta Cana, Sousa, Puerto Plata. Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities in Zanzibar. The coral reefs here are very diverse, with steep walls that are very impressive when swimming. Zanzibar
Hotels In popular tourist destinations, most hotels are four- and five-star. The standard of service is at a very high level, the rooms are elegantly decorated, plus good beach service. Lots of Caribbean-style attractions, plus a wide selection of sports activities. In a word, there will be little to complain about. Zanzibar has a well-developed tourist base. There are both luxury resorts and cheaper, intimate cottages close to the beach. A big plus is the decor of the rooms – you can really feel the atmosphere of Africa. The food is tasty, a lot of opportunities for active recreation. On the downside, the animation program is quite poor, although it depends on the specific hotel. Dominican
Monuments The Dominican Republic boasts interesting monuments not only from colonial times, but also from the pre-Columbian period. The largest number of monuments is in Santo Domingo – the historic old town has made it to the UNESCO list. At the Regional Museum of Archaeology you can learn a lot about the life of the island’s indigenous people. Zanzibar is a veritable cultural melting pot. The influence of Arab, African, Indian and European cultures can be seen here, making Zanzibar a one-of-a-kind place. Most of the monuments are related to the colonial era and maritime trade. A must-see tour point on the island is the Stone City, a UNESCO-listed site. A sizable attraction is a tour of the island along the spice trail. Zanzibar
Safety Dominikana jest generalnie bezpieczna. Nie zmienia to jednak faktu, że w niektórych miejscach trzeba się liczyć z zagrożeniami – chodzi głównie o biedne dzielnice miast. Ale mimo wszystko, w porównaniu do innych Ameryki Łacińskiej, na Dominikanie turyści są mniej narażeni na nieprzyjemności, oczywiście jeśli przestrzegają podstawowych zasad bezpieczeństwa. The Dominican Republic is generally safe. However, this doesn’t change the fact that there are dangers to be faced in some places – these are mainly poor urban neighborhoods. But nevertheless, compared to other Latin American countries, in the Dominican Republic tourists are less likely to be unpleasant, of course, if they follow basic safety rules. Zanzibar
Prices Dominikana jest nazywana turystycznym rajem, ale w tym raju niestety potrzebne są pieniądze. Oczywiście można znaleźć tani nocleg, lecz wtedy i poziom usług będzie adekwatnie niższy. Można też zaoszczędzić na zakupach z dala od popularnych miejscówek turystycznych. Koszt podróży na Dominikanę i Zanzibar jest porównywalny. The Dominican Republic is called a tourist paradise, but in this paradise, unfortunately, money is needed. Of course, you can find cheap accommodation, but then the level of service will be adequately lower as well. You can also save money by shopping away from the popular tourist spots. The cost of traveling to the Dominican Republic and Zanzibar is comparable. Zanzibar
Food In the Dominican Republic you can taste the specialties of Caribbean cuisine and a variety of tropical fruits. There are many dishes with rice, and dinners can sometimes seem quite heavy. Dominican desserts, such as those made of sweet beans, are an interesting change from European cuisine. Zanzibar is the perfect place for gourmets of good food. The island has become famous for its spices and this can be felt at every turn – the food, even the street food, is delicious. There is a great deal of fish and seafood dishes, and a traditional stew is a must try. Zanzibar
Visa Those flying to the Dominican Republic as tourists do not need to apply for a visa if their stay will be less than 30 days. Every tourist entering Zanzibar must purchase a residence visa – its price is $50. The formalities can be handled at the airport as soon as you arrive. Dominican

Zanzibar or Dominikac

Dominican Republic or Zanzibar – summary

If sunny, rain-free weather is a priority during a winter season vacation, the Dominican Republic is worth choosing. Warmer sea water, on the other hand, will be in Zanzibar. The beaches in both places are sandy, well-maintained, surrounded by exotic greenery, nevertheless, it is in Zanzibar that the water is shallower and you can splash around safely without swimming skills. For those who are primarily looking for a quiet holiday in nature, Zanzibar will be better, while the Dominican Republic will appeal to lovers of extreme water sports. Both of these places, although similar in many respects, are, however, strongly different, so choosing the ideal vacation destination is not so simple.

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