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Climate change fee in Malta

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Malta is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea, about 80 km from the southern coast of Italy. The country encompasses the entire archipelago of the Maltese Islands, but most citizens live on the main island: Malta. Do you have to pay additional tourist tax when visiting this place?

What is a tourist tax?

The tourist tax, also known as a tourist tax, is a kind of financial compensation for popular holiday destinations. Thanks to these additional fees, a locality or region has the means to maintain the local infrastructure, which, due to the high tourist “load”, requires more money. Besides, the climate fee compensates for restrictions on industrial development – greater industrialization of the region would mean a visible decline in tourist attractiveness.

Climate change fee in Malta

How much is the climate fee in Malta?

Many countries belonging to the European Union have already introduced tourist taxes on their territory, so many tourists planning a vacation in Malta are wondering whether they will also have to pay an additional fee there. Prices in Malta are not exorbitantly high, but you need to include the tourist tax in your holiday budget, as such a fee applies throughout the country.

The current rate of the tourist tax in Malta is €0.50 per night. A maximum of 5 euros can be charged for each additional day of stay. The fees are collected by hotels and added to the main bill. Children under the age of 18 are exempt from the tourist tax, regardless of where and how long they vacation in Malta.

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